Monday, June 01, 2009

MOANday-Jay Hernandez

Recently, my husband rented me the horror flick Quarantine, which I enjoyed until I reached the end. :) And yes, he did it on purpose. I’m a horror movie junkie. But while watching the movie, I got quite attached to this guy:


This is Jay Hernandez, who plays one of the fire fighters in the movie. I found him quite cute, and thought he would be perfect for our monthly hunk viewing. In addition to Quarantine, he's appeared in the Hostel movies, Grindhouse, and the Friday Night Lights television show.

I’ve always been drawn to dark hair and skin on a man. Makes them more brooding and mysterious, don’t you think?

And those eyes!

And muscles are always nice!


So tell me, who is your current hero obsession?


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Jane said...

I remember Jay from "Crazy/Beautiful" with Kirsten Dunst. My current obsession is Damian Lewis. He's an awesome actor. I always catch "Band of Brothers" when the History Channel airs it during Memorial Day weekend. He's great in "Life," too. I'm so bummed that NBC canceled the show.

Playground Monitor said...

I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine last weekend and on my, Hugh still does it for me. I loved him in X-Men, adored him in Australia and still go to YouTube to watch him dance with the Rockettes in the opening of the 2004 Tony Awards show.

Of course there's Nathan Fillion of Castle too. And I was excited to see the show was renewed for next fall. Yay! More Castle!

Christine said...

Just saw TERMINATOR: Christian Bale is mighty fine as is Sam Worthington!

M.V.Freeman said...

Do I have to choose? because I have a list....

Hugh Jackman-Wolverine

Viggio Mortenson-Aragorn

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)-The Scorpian King.

See, you started something!! LOL
Your Choice Angel, was mighty fine too....

Stephanie said...

I'm with M.V....I can't pick just one...
Angel's selection was very nice indeed! I also like the dark broody look so Jimmy Smits is always tops on my list and I try to never miss a Dwayne Johnson movie 'cause he is yummy. I watched Transporter 3 yesterday so Jason Statham is on my brain right now!

Thanks to Angel for starting my summer with such yummy thoughts...I may have to go back to bed!

Angel said...

Thanks, Ladies, for dropping by. I'll have to check out some of your suggestions for future MoanDays. You'll find Hugh and Jason Statham in previous installments.

I may be MIA a lot today. I woke up really sick, so am spending most of the day in bed, while I still have a hubby here to watch the kids (he goes back to work tomorrow).