Saturday, June 13, 2009

Parlez-vous l'interview?

Did you know I could speak French?

Well, I can't (much to the dismay of Mme Lee, my high school French teacher) -- unless you count all those ballet terms as actual French. (And I know from experience that ballet terms do you absolutely no good at all when you're trying to communicate in France.)

But I can be translated into French!

Many thanks to Callixta at Blue Moon for reviewing my books and liking them enough to want to interview me! You can find the interview here. Don't worry -- the interview is up in both English and French.

The reviews are very positive, even if running the page through translation software creates some interesting sentences.

Amazingly enough, Callixta reads the books in English, then reviews them in French. Maybe I'll have a some fans when/if I get translated and released in France.

Merci et adieu.

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PM's Mother said...

Squee Oui! If no one else recognizes your interview, at least I will. Congratulations!