Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boxes, Tape & Labels

Sorry this post is late! I've been up to my eyeballs in moving preparations this week. Add in Baby Girl's birthday (today!) and my mind just isn't where it should be.

My office is moving in...6 days. The new office just got paint on the walls yesterday, flooring is supposed to be going down today and the security system and plumbing should hopefully be in by the end of the weekend. Yes, we're cutting it close. As long as no one sneezes we'll be fine. One hiccup (including in the inspection process and getting signed off by the much you wanna bet that works out fine?) and we're screwed. However, we've been forging forward under the assumption that everything will work out fine.

I've been cleaning my desk, reorganizing filing cabinets and packing anything that doesn't move for the last week and a half. I am currently surrounded by half full boxes just waiting for the moment when I finish everything I have to do and can really start dismantling the space around me. We've already filled half of our dumpster with shit that probably should have been thrown away 5 years ago - the last time we moved. I still have to put in our change of address, complete our we've moved cards, oh and get the water, electricity and gas moved over into our name. But I can't do that until we've been cleared for occupancy which won't happen until Monday or Tuesday. Did I mention we're moving on Wednesday? That we have a truck rented and hired help already lined up? Pray for me. Please.

Every cut it this close on a move? Ever moved? Tell me your happy (or nightmare) stories. I moved quite a bit when I was younger...hence my loathing of the process now. I really hope this is the last time we do it.


P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!! My littlest is turning 5 today. I wanna know where the years went.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Baby Girl, what a precious age.
And yes, I recently moved too. I sold 1 house & moved everything from that house to storage on March 28th and moved myself into my sister's home. Then I closed on a home on May 14th, and moved out of my sister's home the last week of May. I am giving myself until the end of the summer to get my home settled. Fortunately for me I have no little ones, it's just me and I'm now 5 minutes away from my 3 sisters who, along with their kids & husband, have been a huge help. Good luck with your move and keep hydrated in this HOT weather.

Playground Monitor said...

We moved 4 years ago and it was a pretty quick move too. Started looking the middle of January, made an offer on a house the beginning of February and closed on February 25. Because our old house hadn't sold yet, I did have some wiggle room about getting everything out of the garage an attic. The inside had to be empty so they could paint and put down new carpet and vinyl. I had to supervise the workers to make sure stuff was done properly and the houses were about twenty miles apart on opposite sides of the county. Not fun. But the old house sold quickly and we closed about 3 months after we moved.

I swore my next move would be to the nursing home.

Good luck! Just focus on the nice, new office space you'll have at the end.

Sherry Werth said...

Good luck with the moving process. I've only moved 6 times in my life and the first 3 was when I was small and I don't remember anything about it.
But I do know about the hold up and headache of getting a business license so I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you. We had to move a landscaping job back due to waiting for the city to approve the license. So do not sneeze or hiccup!

Stephanie said...

Ah, you I moved often as a child, so often that as an adult I asked my mother, "Where we dodging the law or something?"

But my reaction to moving is somewhat different from yours...I love to move. That's right, I love to move. I love it so much that I will often volunteer to help my friends move.

I veiw moving as a great way to start fresh. Everything can be sorted out as you pack and then organized perfectly (ok for an hour) in the new location. You have new neighbors (who aren't on your nerves yet), and a whole fresh space to create your new world in.

Sooo, I offer these words of encouragement to you Instigator...Embrace the move-It is New Beginning!

Good luck and be sure to let me know if I help. :-)

Smarty Pants said...

I hate to physically move, but I like the fresh start of moving someplace new.

It will be over soon.

Kathy said...

We moved 9 times in 15 years. That's not counting the 9 times I moved as a kid in 16 years. Moving is an adventure. You leave behind old friends (some I've kept in touch with all this time) and have the opportunity to make new friends, to reinvent yourself, to travel, explore, learn about other cultures. I love to move and miss it sometimes. But I'm ever so glad we've put down roots here. I really do value my friendships and the connections I've made with writers from all over the world. Moving day was the only time we ever got to have fastfood growing up. Yum!!

Moving also gives you the chance to declutter. Because I'm always used to moving, I do this at least once a year.

Moving in day is the most exciting. Unloading boxes is always like Christmas. ;)

M.V.Freeman said...

I moved a lot when I was younger. I have mixed emotions about all of that...

As for the worst moving story--it has to be when I moved into this house. My husband got this brilliant Idea to buy about 20-30 plastic boxes (Lexans I think) and fill them (well, all our books made it in there). He said, when we moved we could just "Unload them" and then go back to the old house and "Refill them". Simple right? I knew it was bad, when I found my friend whispering to her husband to "go get boxes".

Lets just say, when we move next, it's 2 men and a truck. Maybe I'll even box up my spouse. It may be easier.