Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've always depended...

It’s been weeks since I mailed my full manuscript to New York City. Eight and a half weeks to be precise, but who’s counting. Surprisingly, that time has flown by.

It’s been a week since I got the cast on my foot. A week and a day, but who’s… you know. This first week has flown by too. But I’ve a stinking suspicion time is going to slow down soon. Yeah I have to stay off the foot as much as possible, so that means couch time with my foot propped on pillows and either a book in my hand or a Law and Order SVU rerun playing on the DVR. However, I learned last year after my foot surgery, which required two weeks of having the foot elevated, that cabin fever sets in quickly.

Smarty Pants took me to the movie Friday night (we saw Angels & Demons and I enjoyed the heck out of it, especially since I’ve been to Rome and have seen many of the sites shown in the film) and then I let my rarely-used adventuous side allow her to introduce me to Vietnamese food (also very good). On Sunday, Angel took me with her to Barnes and Noble where I actually wrote three pages on a short story. I know I should be working on the next book, not a short story, but I’m still pondering the next book, and with conference coming up I need some extra income for my expenses. Today I’m tagging along with Problem Child and she’ll drop me off at an appointment and pick me up afterward. At least there’s a Books-a-Million close by where she can stay entertained.

I’m reminded of the line from Tennessee Williams’s play A Streetcar Named Desire where Blanche DuBois says, “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.” Of course the Playfriends aren’t strangers and I’m not going to be hauled to the insane asylum as Blanche was just after uttering the line. I don’t often ask for help and I think many women are the same. I trudge along, doing for myself until I’m put into a position where I can’t. Maybe I feel like I’m saving up favors for a day when I really need them so I can call them in during the thirty more days I’m in this cast (but who’s counting?).

Whatever the psychology, I’m grateful for the Playfriends. Here’s also a shout out to my friend Eileen who took me to get the cast put on and drove me yesterday to get a temporary handicapped placard so I don’t have to clomp in from the back forty in the Walmart parking lot. Thanks, too, to my neighbor Elizabeth who took me to the drugstore and the bank last week.

The cast has also affected my wardrobe. Whatever I wear has to fit over the cast, and so far I’ve managed with capris. I also have to wear a firmly fitting shoe on the left foot to give me stability. Around the house I wear a Croc; outdoors I wear a Sketcher sandal, a Clarks sandal or a tennis shoe. Real fashionable, huh?

And then last week it dawned on me that when this cast comes off three days before I leave for RWA conference, my leg is going to look like crap. I already have this notation on my calendar for July 10:

10 AM – cast removal
Immediately after – spa pedicure

And the cute little black dress I bought months ago for a party just isn’t going to work since it’s knee-length. My leg, even with a couple coats of Jergens Natural Glow, is gonna glow all right. It’ll probably illuminate under a black light. I’m having to re-evaluate my wardrobe for that night. I guess the cute little black dress will have to wait til next year. Besides, I needed to firm up my thighs and had begun doing lunges before the cast went on. Do you know how hard it is to lunge in a knee-high cast? Hard enough that these thighs will have to remain flabby til after July 10, another reason for the wardrobe re-evaluation. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, I continue pondering the next book, waiting to hear on the one I submitted, writing the short story that’s due Friday and depending on the kindness of a great bunch of friends.

P.S. Our big hair celebration is approaching and today's the deadline to send your photos to Problem Child to be included in the embarrassment fun.

ATTENTION Housemouse88. You won Christie Craig’s prize from her blog last week. Please email Angel with your name and snail mail info to claim the prize.


M.V.Freeman said...

Friends are gifts, and it is lovely to see how wonderful you all are to each other!

Now, as for casts....I really do like that blue one you have. :) I'm glad its coming off before RWA ;-)

Andrea Laurence said...

I love how I manage to get good karma points while going to a movie I wanted to see and eating at one of my favorite places. I should do good deeds more often. :)

Anonymous said...

It is good to have not only friends that you can cry and laugh with but who are also willing to be your chauffer(so to speak). I have a sister who has been wonderful to me the past few months. I was graciously welcomed into her home to stay for 2 months until I bought my new home.
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Christine said...

You'll be dancing soon! Hang in there and feel better.

Instigator said...

Um, are you sure you wanna ditch the little black dress? Remember, you'll be standing next to me. Even without the cast I'm vampire pale. Trust me, I'll distract them with my unnatural glow. Hey, what are friends for? :-D


Andrea Laurence said...

LOL, yeah, standing beside Instigator and I, you'll look pretty tan. I think the issue is probably more about one tan leg, one pasty leg. Panty hose, maybe?

Angel said...

Isn't it strange how hard we, as women, find it to ask others for help? I know I have a difficult time with that. Even with my mil, who is always happy to watch my kids, I still feel guilty asking her to do just that. :)

You might find your leg doesn't look all that bad. I know Drama Queen's arms didn't look too bad after they took off her cast. Maybe you'll get lucky.


PM's Mother said...

Mom to the rescue!

Try spraying "artificial tan" on that leg (or both)

I wouldn't worry about how my legs looked, but about that gimpy walk when you take of the cast and don't have PT. The ankle will be stiff. Walk carefully!

Playground Monitor said...

I've been warned about the weak ankle and have been looking at ankle braces I can take to wear when the dress code isn't formal.

Pantyhose won't work because my shoes are a dressy thong-type sandal. I paid more than I normally pay for a pair of Kenneth Cole sandals because I could wear them with other things too.

Artificial spray tan. Hmmm. Never used it but I'll have to check that out. I just don't want to look orange though.

PM's Mother said...

If you paid too much for the dressy sandals, splurge some more and purchase panty hose with the toes "out"

OR have your toenails painted International glow-in-the-dark orange -- then no one will notice your pale leg.