Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wrap Artist

It's December 1st and my Christmas shopping is DONE! Not only that, the gifts are all wrapped (except the ones I'm taking to my mom's house and I'll wrap them there cause if I have them wrapped in my suitcase and they pick my suitcase for a random check, I'm afraid they'd unwrap the gifts and I'd be back to square one).

Regardless of when I get the shopping done, every year I'm faced with the same decision -- boxes or bags? If I go with boxes and gift wrap, do I use those stick-on bows or the curly ribbon? Or should I really splurge and buy real satin ribbon and make big poofy bows?

This year, like every other, it's been a little bit of both. Some things just fit in a box better. Others are meant for a gift bag. And after wrapping half a dozen boxes and making bows with curly ribbon, the last one got some pretty stick-on bows cause I was tired of curling.

So which do you use?

(a) Boxes?

(b) Bags?

(c) Stick-on bows?

(d) Curly ribbon?

(e) Real ribbon?

(f) All of the above

If you answered (e) will you please give folks like me who are all thumbs some tips on how to make those really pretty poofy bows?


Instigator said...

I have most of my shopping done. There are a couple gifts I still need to pick up but at least I know what they are. I haven't even begun to wrap and I probably won't until Christmas Eve. But when I do wrap they'll have stick-on bows. I can't make my own and the curly ribbon just takes too much time (when you wait to the last minute...)


Angel said...

I use all of the above. Boxes for things that need them, bags for odd shaped things (I also use these for the youngest ones gifts, because it makes them easier to open). I use real ribbon to make bows, but mine aren't necessarily big and poofy. They are just a bow. Oh well, I try. :)


catslady said...

all of the above lol. I use a method of making bows that I don't know if I can explain. Wrap the ribbon around your hand to the size you want the bow. The amount of ribbon and times you wrap it around will decide the fullness of the bow. Then while looking at the center - cut two triangular pieces - one of each side - parallel to each other. DO NOT cut all the way through - get a piece of ribbon and tie it in a knot between the two triangles. Then with a twisting motion you will open up each individual side. sounds complicated but it's not - a picture would be worth a thousand words lol

BethRe said...

I'm an all of the above whatever I seem to have time for

Smarty Pants said...

I'm a gift bag and gift wrap girl with stick on bows (if you're lucky). My cats tend to steal them off the gifts. Fabric bows are a mystery to me.

Gran said...

Don't sweat the bow stuff! On several gifts that I have received through the mail from Sak's Denver(brag! brag!)they were tied with one-inch wide red satin ribbon with a plain ol' when you tie your shoes...'cept the "tails" were long. It was elegant. Try's easy. Your lazy Mother