Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Trivia

As resident Smarty Pants and trivia nut, I figured it was my duty to put together a Christmas Trivia Challenge for the Playground. Rules are simple. Email me with your answers to the questions below at (No Google cheaters, please. That's just no fun for anyone.) The reader with the most answers correct will win. Question 21 is a tie breaker in the event you are all super smart. The winner will receive a Christmas goodie pack from me with some books, candy and whatever cool stuff is within grabbing distance as I'm packing it up. You will probably receive it in January given the holiday rush and my unfortunate inability to mail prizes. But you WILL get it! :)

  1. In Frosty the Snowman, who brought Frosty back to life?

  2. In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, what biological shortcoming made the Grinch so mean?

  3. What is the biggest selling Christmas single of all time?

  4. What was Scrooge's first name?

  5. What was the name of Rudolph's dogsled driving friend?

  6. What carol contains the line "O tidings of comfort and joy"?

  7. Name the three reindeer whose names begin with a "D"?

  8. What was the first gift my true love sent on the sixth day of Christmas?

  9. What Saturday Evening Post artist was known for his whimsical pictures of Santa Claus?

  10. What did the Grinch use as a substitute for reindeer?

  11. Counting Rudolph, how many reindeer are there?

  12. How many times is the name of Santa Claus used in "The Night Before Christmas"?

  13. What is the most popular tree topper?

  14. What does Alvin want for Christmas?

  15. What two words are normally pre-printed on gift tags?

  16. On every street corner you hear what song?

  17. What was Brenda Lee doing around the Christmas Tree?

  18. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, how many cents does Lucy charge for her psychiatric services?

  19. In "Winter Wonderland" the lovestruck couple pretends a snowman is who?

  20. Who wrote A Christmas Carol?

Bonus Question : After red and green, what are the two most popular Christmas colors?

Get your answers to me by midnight to qualify and I'll announce a winner Monday in Angel's Christmas Eve blog. Happy Holidays Everyone!



Instigator said...

Ooh, good questions, SP! I can't wait to see the answers (cause I'm not sure some of mine were right :-)


verification word - gimdummm. Seriously? At 6:30 in the morning you want me to count Ms?

Playground Monitor said...

The trivia buff in me loves this! But the daughter who's visiting her mom knows she can't while away the day trying to figure them all out.

Great job, SP!


Maven LJ said...

It's December 21st, and you're giving us a task? Shame on you, SP. :-)

I flew through and knew most of them, but there are a couple where I don't have a clue. I'll just have to wait for more dedicated folks to fill in the blanks.

Off to babysit, clean, cook, and shop. OHOHOH. :-)


Angel said...

Oohhh, fun! I love Christmas stuff and couldn't help but try to answer even though I'm not eligible to win. Can't wait to see if I got them right! Will you post the answers tomorrow?

I'm working with the hubby today (our part-time help had her baby a month early!) and then have family coming in tonight. Busy, busy...


Shari C said...

I have tried to send my answers three times to the e-mail address in the blog and each time it comes back saying 'mail deivery failed'. I sent a copy to the to see if there is a problem, but I don't know how to get my answers to you in time now. Any suggestions.

Smarty Pants said...

That's weird cause I'm getting other entries just fine. I also get all the webmaster email and I haven't seen anything from you either. Weird.

Try emailing it to:
redhairedskank @