Monday, December 10, 2007

A Mini-Rant

Excuses not to write this weekend:

1. Two sick children

2. Last minute preparations for RWA chapter Christmas party

3. Said RWA Christmas party, taking up from 9:45am Saturday to 4:30pm (includes travel time and pit stops).

4. Babysitting niece and nephew after said party, overnight, until 2:30pm Sunday.

5. Up until midnight with sick child.

6. Two hours putting up Christmas lights.

7. Date -- movie with hubby (yay!!!).

8. Tired, tired, and more tired.

Guess this explains why my book isn't finished yet, huh? Ever have one of those days where you feel like anything and everything gets in the way? I'm at the beginning of a writing challenge that I promised myself I would not wimp out on even though it is the holidays. But it hasn't gone well so far. I'm having more and more days where I wonder if I'll ever be able to make writing a priority. I feel guilty if I don't. I hate having an obsessive, type A personality....

What are your excuses today? Feel free to vent. :)



Jen said...

Hon, you had me at "sick child."

Hope you're baby's better.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Sorry, Angel!

Barbara Vey said...

I don't have a type A personality, so my heart goes out to you. And when your baby's sick, everything comes to a screeching halt (it did for me).

Instigator said...

Oh, Hon! I'm sorry the kids have been sick! (Please tell me it isn't strep...)

You have to cut yourself some slack!! Sometimes life just gets in the way and we have to shift our priorities around. You'll catch back up. You always do.


Playground Monitor said...

I'm sorry you have a sick child. I hope the other one doesn't get it too.

I haven't written all MONTH! Between getting all my Christmas shopping done so I can leave on the 20th and scrubbing my house for that party last Saturday, I've had no time or energy to write anything but the Christmas letter to go in my cards. I ran on adrenaline all day Saturday and now I've crashed hard. I just want to curl up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa and do nothing. Well... maybe read. Or watch Christmas movies on TV.


Anonymous said...

Hugs, Angel! Hope the kids are better, and that you are taking some time for yourself.

PM, your house and party were lovely! I can't imagine you had to do a lot of scrubbing, but then again I know how obsessive I get about my house when company is coming.

I'm sitting at the car dealer right now while I get a scheduled service. And then I have a couple of errands downtown. *sigh* Probably won't write today, though I brought this laptop with me so I could work on revisions while waiting.

But add in a couple of chatty ladies micromanaging social get togethers from afar on their cell phones, a television blaring, and I can hardly settle into work mode.

Posting as anon because I don't want to sign in on an open network. :)


Kathy said...

So sorry one of the kids are sick, Angel! Tender loving care is what he/she needs right now and you've got plenty to give. ;-) Lucky kids!

Excuses. I've got plenty. I have to leave in two days but I still have to buy presents, wrap them then pack them into boxes to ship at the post office. I was out shopping all afternoon yesterday. I have cards to finish, if possible, and mail, and laundry to wash. I've already finished #4's Spanish dish she started last night and have to drop that off to school. And I wrapped several presents and packed two boxes while washing clothes this morning.

I'm taking my laptop with me but I'm not sure what kind of situation I'll find at the hospital. So... excuses are valid on your end and mine. Let's just hope we can find time to write amidst the challenges we face right now.

Carol said...

I hope the kids are feeling better and that you've been able to get some rest.

Angel said...

Kid #1 went to school today, thanks to a whole weekend on the doctor's prescription meds. Kid #2 had no diarrhea and played while I cleaned house and cooked all day for my husband's employee party that I hosted tonight.

Yay! I'm so glad they are feeling better. Between the two of them, I was beginning to get a bit, um, frazzled.

No writing today, but the house is clean and our employees were happy and had a good time.

I know life happens, and I should relax and go with the flow. Anyone who knows me will agree that "flowing" doesn't come naturally to me. :) Must always accomplish what's on the list or expected of me.

Oh well, one of life's learning curves, you know?

Kathy, hugs on your dad. You have a safe trip.

I'm going to bed early so I can accomplish something tomorrow. :)