Friday, December 28, 2007

Uh, Is It My Day to Blog?

My company closes the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Depends on how the holidays fall, I can supplement it with a little vacation and be off for almost two weeks. Its the best vacation ever because there isn't work piling up for you while you're gone. You don't come back to a ton of emails or voicemail. Everyone is gone. Its a beautiful, beautiful thing.

For 5 out of the last 7 years I've had "shutdown" I've gotten sick and slept through most of it. Lucky me. One year was the flu. Another, a sinus infection. One time I had a tooth hit root canal stage, my dentist was closed until the new year and all I could do was take the leftover hardcore drugs from my bad gallbladder to get through. I don't remember much about that week. Then one year I got larengitis. I fell asleep in a chair after opening gifts at my in-laws and that's all I remember.

Last year and so far this year, all is well. I have only a burnt tongue to show for it. At the same time, I find myself still a little lost. I struggle to remember what day it is and what I'm supposed to be doing (a big nothing, thank goodness). You're lucky this blog is posted because I just realized its Friday. My sleep is way off, going in bed in the early morning hours and sleeping till nearly noon. I had to set my alarm the other day to get up in time to meet Kathy for a 2:10 showing of Sweeney Todd. (Weird movie, but it had Johnny Depp in it. Nuff said.)

I really enjoy this lack of time consciousness. I'm so driven by the clock that its a treat for me. DB gets concerned when I fall asleep on the couch watching TV on the weekends. I get annoyed when he wakes me up and tells me to go to bed because falling asleep in front of the TV is a luxury. It means I have no alarms to set, no morning obligations...I can just sleep on the couch, doze off during an episode of Law and Order, and its okay.

I don't go back to work until Wednesday and yet I'm already dreading my loss of freedom. I guess I'll have to make another trip up to Tennessee for a Powerball ticket. As my life stands right now, it's the only way I'd ever be able to live this way for good. I'm hoping God will give me the opportunity to prove that winning 33 million dollars will not spoil me. :)

What simple pleasures do you enjoy the most?



Angel said...

Right now, I'm enjoying reading. It is about the only thing I can do right now. Since we have almost a week at home, we're doing an intensive potty training session for Little Man (which isn't going as well as it did for Drama Queen). Trips to the potty are interspersed with nothing much except more potty training, and talking about potty training, and rewarding him for good actions or making him clean up the messes.

I'm bored to tears... :(


Instigator said...

Yeah, this has been a strange week. I'm at work today with the girls but there isn't much to do (I did most of my year end stuff yesterday while we were waiting for the company party to start). We're probably going to be leaving before lunch today since no one else is here...

I hope potty training goes better today, Angel!


Playground Monitor said...

I had a weird Christmas because I spent it away from home. But now I'm back and having to cook and clean again. Ugh. We're going to see BabyGrand tomorrow, which is always a pleasure.

I'd have to say reading is my simple pleasure I enjoy most. And if the weather's nice and I can sit on the back porch with a tall glass of iced tea, I enjoy it even more.

On Sunday we'll start undecking the halls. Today I have to clean out a china cabinet cause we're taking the old dining room furniture to the kids tomorrow. Just where AM I going to put this stuff til the new one arrives next month?


Problem Child said...

My internal calender is off as well. I'm totally confused as to what day it is.

But I am enjoying sleeping late, sitting around in my PJs until after lunch, and doing little or nothing.

Next week will be soon enough to get back into the groove...

Mark said...

Last year I retired after 25 years with a company. This year I am back working for them, but as a contractor. Thus, last year I had 6 weeks of paid vacation, this year I have zero. So I have gone from 2 weeks off at Christmas to working every day through these weeks - great retirement isn't it! On the plus side, there are few people around and the work is pretty easy, but I do miss the days of falling asleep on the couch and waking up at 10 instead of 6.

Enjoy your time off (since your feeling well for a change ;-) you never know what will happen.

Barbara Vey said...

I have no clue what day of the week it is. :)

A woman from my WW group wanted a walking partner, so for the past 2 weeks we have been walking at 7 a.m. at the local HS indoor track. It is a simple pleasure that I have missed doing. The crappy part is going outside in 19 degree weather.

And I know I'm repeating myself, but I HATE WINTER IN WISCONSIN!!!

catslady said...

My house looks like a hurricane hit it but I'm in no hurry to fix it lol. Simple pleasures: A glass of red wine or fresh brewed coffee and surrounded by my cats and a good book or playing games with friends/family and laughing our heads off.

Angel said...

Potty training is not going any better! He can do every step, on his own, except one part: peeing in the potty. But he can pee in his pants 2 minutes after he gets off.

Calgon, take me away...


Chelle said...

I sympathize with the potty training. Can you take away some of the things he likes most like TV shows or games and tell him that those are only for big boys and big boys pee in the potty?

My son was over three before he was potty trained and I thought I'd go crazy. Taking away Sesame Street helped. And I bought him some cowboy boots and said they were only for big boys. He wanted to wear those boots real bad and it wasn't long until he was trained.

My simple pleasure is reading and watching old movies on tv. And eating out. It doesn't have to be anyplace fancy. If I don't have to cook it I'm happy with wherever it is.

Carol said...

I enjoy spending my time with my grandchildren, my cats and, of course, reading a good book.

Angel said...

Thanks, Chelle! That's exactly what we've moved to. If he goes in the potty, he gets to watch some tv or play on the computer. Its working much better, thank goodness!


BethRe said...

Reading and long bubble baths