Monday, December 24, 2007

Gift of Giving

The older I get, the more I enjoy the process of gift-giving. I start thinking about Christmas way in advance. My list of names is compiled some time in August, and I'm always on the lookout for that perfect something. You won't see me having nothing to put under the tree when it is assembled. Usually everything is done by then and ready to wrap.

I especially love to make homemade gifts. I'm a fairly crafty person. I scrapbook and have tried my hand at most crafts during my lifetime. Some I like more than others. But I don't just like to make any gift. Just as with any bought gifts from me, I want it to reflect something personal for the giftee.

This year I made canvas picture collages that serve as refrigerator magnets for our grandmother, because (1) she loves pictures, especially of her grandchildren, and (2) she loves refrigerator magnets. See?

I spent a day baking pumpkin bread, candies, and cheese cookies for teacher gifts, along with some to friends and family. I added little ornaments to each bag so they had something to keep when the noshing was over.

In the past, I've made scrapbooks for those I know would like them, but don't have the time or inclination. Grandparents have gotten scrapbooked calendars so they can see pictures of the family year round.

It is just fun and I get a lot of satisfaction seeing the smile on the other person's face. Of course, I get that out of every gift I give, or that is my hope. Because nothing feels better than knowing you gave something the other person will enjoy, sometimes even treasure.

What's the gift you spent the most time on this Christmas? Did you get yourself a gift too? :)


PS. Don't forget to look below for the winner of Smarty Pants' contest. Happy Holidays!


Playground Monitor said...

We really should post a photo of our Playfriend bracelets Angel made our first Christmas together. We all nearly cried when we opened them. Angel's crafts are known far and wide.

I'm sorta crafty but not on the caliber as Angel.

The gift I'm most proud of this Christmas is for my sister's husband. He's rather hard to buy for. Anything he really wants he'll go out and buy -- like an airplane. I'm not sure if my sister ever reads the blog and I want her to be surprised by it too, so I won't say what it is. But I think I did pretty good.

And yep, I sneaked a few things in for me -- a new bathrobe, some new casual slacks, a couple books and when I was on the cruise last month I splurged on a really nice bottle of perfume since it was way cheaper than here.


Problem Child said...

I am not a crafty person. If y'all wanted homemade gifts, you'd be waiting a heck of a long time.

This year, I'm kinda disappointed because there aren't any "WOW!!!" presents under the tree (at least purchased by me, that is). There's some good stuff--and stuff I know they want, but nothing that I know will get the "WOW!!!" reaction.

Barbara Vey said...

It is so funny that you wrote your blog on the same theme I did. Ah, brillant minds...

Anyway, at our annual "Sister Party" I gave all my sisters tote bags that had little pockets on the front for pictures. I filled them with pictures from our childhood and early adult life when we were young and thirty seemed like old age. There were pictures of my dad and grandma who have since passed, but are still the fabric of our lives. (from my blog)

And let me take the time to wish all of you here at the playground a Very Merry Christmas. It has been delightful to get to know you all this year.

Instigator said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Barbara! We've enjoyed spending time with you this year too.

The gift I'm most proud of? Hmm, probably the Wii. It was hard to find but I know the girls are going to really love it.