Monday, December 31, 2007

Memories of 2007

Those who are close to me know I'm the glass half empty type. I admit it, I tend to focus on the negative. I have a continual new years resolution to change that, and it has worked to a certain extent. But various circumstances in my life changed me from a go with the flow personality, to one always anticipating something to go wrong.

But, like I said, I'm trying. So each year, when I set to work on my goals for the next year, I remind myself to look back and remember the good things that happened: the things I enjoyed, most memorable moments, and events I learned the most from.

Some of my best memories from this year:

Walking (or rather hiking) the streets of Scotland... the view from the top of Edinburgh castle... Family and friends gathering at my new house for a summer barbeque... realizing that Drama Queen has grown to the point she reaches my chin... watching Little Man play Guitar Hero with his Daddy and announcing he "ROCKS!"... scrapbooking with my sister... coping with two trans-Atlantic flights without having a nervous breakdown, then flying to Dallas a month later... my husband's support and concern when I was sick this fall... girls' nights out with the Playfriends... long phone conversations with my Mom... setting up my very own home office... hearing positive feedback on my work from trusted friends... my first murder mystery party... saying prayers with my children every night... sitting with my husband in the dark on our movie nights...

So while I've had a challenging year, I think there is enough good stuff to more than balance it out. :)

What about you? What is your favorite memory (or memories) from 2007?



Rhonda Nelson said...

Definitely Scotland. :-)

Anonymous said...

Getting my job, working with students who really need me was a highlight of 2007.

There were lots of personal losses, pains, and anxiety, but i'm optimistic enough to hope that next year brings some good stuff with it.

Happy New Year everyone! May your joys be plentiful and your sorrows be scarce!

Nini :)

Barbara Vey said...

Being asked to blog for Publishers Weekly was the best. It gave me the opportunity to travel and meet incredibly talented people. Can't wait for the conferences to start in 2008.

Kathy said...

Oh Angel, you've got a great list going there. I'll bet you could fill it up and make it a lot longer if you had space. :-)

*The birth of our second grandson!!
*Being with and knowing my Dad made it through surgery!
*Hearing a friend describe her first sale! (Kudos, Instigator!!)
*Getting a request for a partial.
*Hearing #2 got an internship with Badgely Mishka!!!! OMG!
*Seeing #4 overcome a major fear!!!
*#1's promotion below the zone!
*Good news about #3's college choice, though we're still waiting for final acceptance.
*Books! In particular, the return of Julie Garwood's historical, Shadow Music! Read it!!! (I read it in 8 hours.) Ya-hoo!

Playground Monitor said...

*Peace and quiet while you were gone to Scotland. ;-) Seriously, I'm not missing the next trip unless I'm simply physically unable to make it.
*Our Playfriend trips
*Christmas with my mom
*My granddaughter's first birthday
*#2 son's news that he has an appointment with the athletic director next week about a possible graduate assistantship
*Despite health scares in 07, both our mothers are heading into 08 in good health
*The cruise with my sister

I'm sure I'll think of more. Overall it's just been a good year.


Instigator said...

Selling my first book
Going to Scotland
Baby Girl's first day at big girl school
Sweet Pea's first horseback riding lesson
Trips with the playfriends
The 2nd annual playfriend family Christmas party :-)

I'm certain there are plenty more but those popped quickly to mind.

I hope everyone has a wonderful (and safe!) New Year.

theresa said...

i'm new here, but addicted to this blog...i just found it the other day and felt compelled to read as much as i could...the dynamics between you all is wonderful!!

some of my best memories from 2007 are:

*my mom being in good health, we have had a lot of scares, but 2007 was a great year!

*my husband getting two fabulous career opportunities with his company

*watching my daughters' learn to ice skate

*watching my older daughter kayak solo at my parents' lakehouse

*bittersweet--watching my baby go off to kindergarten

*FINALLY really getting the hang of plotting--yeah, i'm a slow learner

*laughing with my grandmother

*spending hours on the phone with my Uncle

*looong chats with my mom & friends

*realizing exactly how supportive my husband is

*my daughter riding her bike out of the garage as a Mother's Day present

Smarty Pants said...

Best moments of 2007...

Scotland was awesome of course, although my favorite moments would have to be visiting Doune Castle and Rosslyn Chapel.

Closing the sale on my old house.

Finally getting settled into my new house and having a housewarming party that people actually came to!

A faboo murder mystery party.

Helping my mom to fulfill one of her dreams when she'd given up.

My own office with a new desk and everything!

Rocking out with the Playfriends and spouses at Guitar Hero and Rockband.

Long lunches, dinners, weekends, coffeestops, etc. with the playfriends and honorary folk.

Getting an agent request and another agent tell me they loved my writing even if they weren't looking for my kind of book.

Pretty good year. Exhausting though. 2008 will be even better! (with no major moving, please)

Angel said...

What awesome posts! So exciting to see the great memories people have of this year. Makes moving into the new year more fun and hopeful.

Nini, congratulations on the job! Being a teacher is an awesome responsibility and your heart is definitely in the right place. Continue the good work!

Barbara, meeting you was definitely a highlight! I hope I get to see you again this year.

Kathy, I'm so glad your dad is doing well and the kids are making strides. I know you are a proud parent and are now seeing the proofs of your labor. Congrats!

Theresa, thanks for dropping in! We're so glad to have you with us. Like you, some of my favorite moments have been with family and friends. And those supportive husbands are worth a million bucks!

Playfriends--Too many more fun trips, happy times, celebrations, and support. I love you all!!!


BethRe said...

Getting my new kitten Peanut just because he was put in my hands and I didn't say a word and my husband so Oh Ok because he knows me so well he knew Peanut would make me happy

Lee Morrison said...

paying off my car

going back to college

watching my youngest son play baseball

letting go of things that weren't meant to be and embracing things that were... A bunch more.

Happy New Year!