Sunday, September 02, 2007


Thanks to everyone for posting last month about your favorite hotties and which ones you'd like to see here on the Playground. I waded through the page of listings I culled from the comments and decided to go with someone we haven't talked about much here on the Playground. That narrowed down the list considerably. :)

Today's Moanday hunk is Joaquin Phoenix:

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One of the interesting things I've found about actors (and even models) as I'm hunting pics for my heroes is that different photos can make them look differently or make me think about them differently. For instance, in my last book, my hero was modeled after Scott Speedman. But he looked like the Scott Speedman from the Underworld movies. Some of the pics I found of him on the Internet looked totally different (and not nearly so attractive). Plus you can see them in a variety of guises. For instance, here's a slightly evil looking Joaquin from the movie Gladiator (which I've never seen, so I don't know what role this is, some kind of royalty, I believe):

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Here he is as a country music star, when he played Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. Not one of my favorite movies, but this picture is certainly "angsty artist", don't you think?

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Here he is from one of my favorite movies, Signs. This wasn't one of his most aggressive roles, but I loved the kind of lost, unsure of his path guy he'd played here.

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They say symmetry is one thing people look for in others they are attracted to, but I also think the things that make us different can have a deciding factor in the staying power of attraction. I, for one, happen to adore the scar on Joaquin's upper lip.

What anomalies do you find make men more attractive? Are you a scar kind of girl, seeing them as character-proving marks? Do you favor uneven facial features, moles (like the one Enrique had removed), or even those certain guys who look great bald (Jean Luc Picard, yummy!)?

Until next MoanDay, enjoy!



Problem Child said...

Joaquin is yummy in a non-conventional kind of way. (Whereas his brother River was yummy in the conventional sense.)

I think a lot of it is in the way he carries himself. Plus there are plenty of guys who aren't hummina-hummina looking, but their personalties make them so. I'm a sucker for funny guys.

(Then there are the good-looking a&&holes...)

Playground Monitor said...

I've always wondered if that scar on Joaquin's lip is a cleft lip repair. I Googled and learned it's not; it's a microform, which is described as an almost-cleft that healed in utero. And I adored him as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line." It was a great movie. Loved "Signs" too.

Harrison Ford has this little scar on his chin that you just want to reach out and touch and say "Oh, baby, who hurt you? I can kiss it and make it better."

Thanks for another great Moanday.


Kimberly L said...

Joaquin is definately a fine looking speciman.

Kathy said...

Oh, Angel, you must see The Gladiator! Joaquin is great in this movie. He's vicious, conniving, lusty in a Eek way, and extremely vengeful. Loved Joaquin in The Village and he had an excellent heartbreaking role in Ladder 49. (I won't watch it again.) He was great as Johnny Cash too. Loved Signs... Swing away!

He plays his characters with complete devotion. Emotion blazes from his dark eyes. Yes, he's got the lip scar and he walks with a slightly hunched shoulder. He exudes intense masculine power more so than any of his unmarked peers.

Scars don't turn me off. Harrison Ford was mentioned. There's Adrian Pasdar. For instance, Brad Pitt even has scars on his face near his left eye. Look closely and you'll see that none of the great men are unmarked. Even Johnny Depp has a couple of marks on his face. That's what makes these men so interesting and that brings out the woman in all of us.


Playground Monitor said...

I'd forgotten about The Village. That's another great movie by M. Night Shamalamlamlamlamlamlama. *g*


Instigator said...

Ugh, this holiday has me all messed up. I didn't even remember that it was Monday - let along MOANday - until I was cliking on my links for fun. That would have sucked - to miss Joaquin.

Like PC, I'm more a fan of his brother River - That Thing Called Love is just....sigh. But the intensity and devotion Joaquin puts into all his roles makes me think he'd be just as attentive and thorough with me ;-D


catslady said...

I agree, you have to see Gladiator. I am still mad that he didn't get an oscar.

I don't like perfectly "good looking" actors. And this may be weird but when I see teeth that you just know aren't really theirs it puts me off. The best actors seem to have that certain something more than the perfect looks.

Angel said...

I don't know if I want to know what "lusty in an Eek way" is... :)


Kathy said...

He lusts after his sister, Angel. Eeky! But we are talking about Caligula's era. Romans were all about satisfying urges in a most immediate fashion. Granted nothing happens because the sister isn't into it, thank goodness. But... you just have to see the film to understand. Gladiator is one movie you don't want to miss. Russell Crowe is fabulous as Maximus. The movie is great to breakdown as a hero character study.


Amanda said...

He's awesome in the Village.