Sunday, September 09, 2007

Refill That Well!

The Playfriends spent Saturday at an all-day workshop hosted by our local chapter. The presentations were great, especially the one by our very own Problem Child. She talked about whipping our muses into shape, including one popular phrase "refilling the well".

Refilling the well, she explained, has to do with refueling your creativity through stimulating brain activities, creative activities outside of our usual writing, reading, and just generally having fun and acting outside of our normal comfort zone.

I've recently learned quite a bit in this area. I used to think I couldn't refill my well if I didn't have hours to spend reading, going to a movie, or spending a whole evening scrapbooking. What can I say? I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. Then reality hit, because I don't often have that kind of time.

So I'm trying something new. I'm refilling the well with little bits and pieces, but they add up. Here are a few things I now look forward to doing:

Listening to a couple of good, inspiring songs.
Taking a 20 minute nap.
Driving anywhere.
A bath, just until the muse starts working. Or even a shower.
Cuddling on the couch with the kids with my eyes closed.
Giving myself permission to daydream.

These are just some of the new techniques I'm trying, and they are working pretty darn good. :)

But today I'm doing something a little bigger. Problem Child suggested doing something new and different, so I let my husband talk me into an overnight trip to Tunica, MS. I'm not much into gambling, but you never know when it might come in handy to know what the inside of a casino looks like. I've even asked my hubby to teach me to play video poker.

While he's gambling, I can sleep in, dip into the jacuzzi, swim laps, or just daydream. If I'm inspired, I might even write. :)

So, what have you done to fill the well lately?



Rhonda Nelson said...

All I've managed to do lately is refill my mouth. This happens every time I get to the end of the a book--I eat my way through it. :-)

I *did* watch 300 with the dh a few nights ago and have to say that refilled my well. And fueled a few dreams...

Nini said...

I sat here for a good two minutes trying to think of something. Other than heading to the National Zoo on Saturday, i can't think of anything that i've done for me to 'refill my well'...well, other than eating like rhonda said...


Got lots to think about today.

The verification is: ugyyeppu....i thought it said ugly you...


Jen said...

Funny that you should mention driving. I went down to B&N on Saturday evening alone (the fam had gone to the races). On the way back it was nice and cool so I let down the windows, opened the sunroof and cranked the cd and turned a fifteen minute drive home into forty-five and it was WONDERFUL.

And much like Rhonda and Nini, food is increasingly important the closer I am to the end of a book. 0)

Maven LJ said...

Walking is nice, and so are music and meditation. I've fallen out of the habit of meditation and need to get back to it.

Of course, right now I'm approaching the end of a book and my well is pretty dry. :-)


Instigator said...

Spending time with y'all refills my well. Doing something fun with the girls does too.

Angel, enjoy your trip! You deserve a nice, relaxing vacation.


Kathy said...

Enjoy your trip to Tunica, Angel!!

Watching Federer win the US Open filled the well this weekend. (He looks just like my # 1 son who lives far away.) Seeing a favorite team win a game fills my well. Like Maven LJ, music fills my well. Little things, like the rainbows we were talking about on Saturday, fill my well.

I think life gets so rushed that our well gets depleted because there really hasn't been time to think about the simple act of breathing. I'd really like to learn meditation. Haven't had any experience with it yet. :-)


Playground Monitor said...

I've been refilling for a couple weeks now. I either have a leak or my tank is bigger than I think (and from the look of the scales this morning, I think it's the latter). I've been reading and just doing nothing -- remember that il bel far niente stuff? I went downtown to the park yesterday afternoon and there was nothing exciting. I was hoping the group with African drums would be there, but they weren't. Feeding the ducks holds no charm anymore (though I'm sure it will when the grandbaby gets older). So I came on back home by way of the grocery store where I found $20. That refilled my wallet!


Kelley St. John said...

As you all know, my main method for refilling is driving. I guess you could say that how long long the drive lasts depends on how empty the well is ;) And I also enjoyed that workshop on refilling the well -- great job, Problem Child!!!

Have fun on the trip, Angel! That also works for me. I'm joining the Sexy Cajun at the end of the month for a week in Chicago. He'll be at a conference, and I'll spend time in the room writing. I did this last year when he went to Vegas and finished my book. It was amazing how much I got done with the peace and quiet. Then we would go out at night and have a really nice time. Next day, recharged and more writing.

So...Tunica sounds like a terrific way to refill that well -- HAVE FUN!!!


Smarty Pants said...

I will tell you that painting walls in my house does not fill my well, despite the fact that I found myself working on one of PC's books while I was painting my office. Doesn't do me much good, but, you know...

Sleeping in late, taking in a couple episodes of a tv show I like, watching a movie, mindlessly wandering through Target, going out to dinner that doesn't involve a drive thru window, hanging out with y'all...that's how I do it.

Shari C said...

I love to take a nice long walk in the morning before I have that first cup of coffee. When I get back from all that fresh air, I relax on the porch with my coffee and one of my wonderful books. After that I am ready to face the rest of the day.

Problem Child said...

I appreciate you working on my book for me SP...when you figure out what's wrong with it, please let me know. I'd love to hear it :-)

I took the weekend off writing-wise. Spending the day with the Playfriends and chapter mates always energizes me. I spent Sunday running errands and taking naps. It's been slow going this morning, though...I guess trips to Costco and laundry aren't good for refilling the well.

Playground Monitor said...

I've had a kink in my neck and shoulder for days. I had to go to the mall for something and spotted the chair massages. I thought that might be just the thing for my neck and shoulder.

Oh dear heavens! That woman might be short in stature, but I think she's descended from a long line of Chinese torturers. I kept grimacing and asking her not to dig so deep but her English is almost non-existant. I'm sure once I drink a gallon of water and flush the lactic acid from my system I'll have great results. Meanwhile, I have ice on the shoulder and feel like I want to take a major-league pain killer.

My well is empty and feeling rather toxic right now. :-(


SingleintheCity said...

I like to do anything that doesn't have to do with writing. I might take my book and go to starbucks or got to a movie or go for a walk.