Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shamless Plugging

You may have heard about's First Chapters Romance Writing Competition.

It's a fun opportunity for new writers to get their first chapters out there. The competition is stiff--a lot of folks with a lot of good chapters. I'd encourage everyone to wander over and read, vote, and comment* on the chapters before September 18. Yes, you must register with in order to vote, but it's free and only takes a second.

There are quite a few entries in this first round, and it may seem overwhelming. However, I'd like to call your attention to this one: His Hotness.

It's a great chapter, and it just happens to be written by my fabu CP. We'd both appreciate it if you took a moment to vote. (And possibly tell your friends to vote as well.)

*Commenting is very important. Turns out, Gather uses the number of unique commentors as a tie-breaker. (The entries with the most number of "10" ratings get moved to the next round, but in case of a tie, they use the comments.) Commenting can also win *you* a prize from Gather.


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