Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Writing Playground Blog Scavenger Hunt

On Monday Angel blogged about playing games and I started thinking about the scavenger hunts we used to have as kids, usually as part of a birthday party. We'd stomp through the neighborhood, pounding on screen doors and looking for an empty Chesterfield cigarette pack or the issue of TV Guide from three weeks prior. I even remember one the DH and I participated in as adults where we had to get a one dollar bill with the same digit three times in a row in the serial number. We also had to get a duck feather from the park downtown and had to count the number of dots that made up the number 9 in the digital clock on a certain bank on Whitesburg Drive.

I love scavenger hunts. Don't you? It's the thrill of the chase and the excitement of searching for obscure items that spurs me on.

I'm putting on a little scavenger hunt today that will not only let one person win a great prize, but will also let us take a little stroll down Writing Playground Memory Lane.

Ready? Here's what you need to find.

1. What happened on June 8, 2006?

2. What Broadway show did Smarty Pants see in March 2006?

3. Who got a new kitten in September 2006?

4. Who posted the very first entry in this blog and what was the date?

5. In January 2006, Angel posted about something that could have derailed the Playfriends' field trip. What was it?

Put on your Sherlock Holmes caps and start searching.

Answer these five questions by searching through the blog archives and mail your answers to the Playground Monitor with the word HUNT in the subject line by midnight (Central Time) tonight (Wednesday). I'll select a winner from all the correct entries.

Wanna know what the prize is?

It's an autographed copy of THRILL ME TO DEATH by Roxanne St. Claire, who did a fabu interview for us this month.

Meanwhile, what are you reading now?

P.S. Yesterday's prize-a-day giveaway winner from yesterday is Minna! Please email Kimberly to make arrangements for your prize.


Maureen said...

I'm reading The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter. I would definitely recommend it.

krissyinva said...

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts

Smarty Pants said...

I couldn't even answer those questions without looking them up. Except for the one about me, of course. :) It's been such a busy year.

Sadly, I haven't been reading much. I am reading, but not really a book, its research. Its a book about ghost hunting (I can't remember the title offhand) but if it hadn't been Halloween, I'd never found it here. I'm studying up on gadgets and lingo for my new book.

Good luck on the hunt!

Lori Borrill said...

I'm reading Leslie Kelley's Blaze, "Asking For Trouble". What's interesting is all the hero's POV scenes are written in 3rd person, the heroine's in 1st person. It's very interesting, and I always enjoy authors who try new things.

IMO (rant) there are some hugely successful authors out there who seem to just write the same thing over and over, so I find it refreshing when someone is willing to take a chance.

Oh, and I'll be reading a partial by Instigator! Can't wait to dig into that, too! LOL!

Instigator said...

I'm reading my own book right now - in preparation for pulling it apart and putting it back together. It's going to be sooo much better when I'm done.

Lori, I can't wait to hear what you think. I know you really like this story. I'm wondering how the changes hit you....


Sassy35803 said...

I'm reading High-Caliber Cowboy by B.J. Daniels. It is one of the Harlequin Intrigue McCalls' Montana Series. And I would highly recommend it as read worthy.

Carol said...

Congrats Minna!

I just finished Blue Smoke. It was really good!

Now I'm reading Spellbound by Nora Roberts.

Jennifer Y. said...

I just finished A Thief in a Kilt by Sandy Blair and LOVED it! All of her books are enjoyable.

I also read The Firefighter's Fiance by Kate Hardy and loved it. I recommend it...very touching book.

Now I need to decide what to read next.

Playground Monitor said...

There's still time to enter the scavenger hunt and win the book today! It's a fabulous romantic suspense. I stayed up until 4AM to finish it and I N-E-V-E-R stay up that late to read.