Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fun and Games

This week we celebrated 1 year on the playground (and had a great time partying with everyone!!)

But during this last month something has come to my attention. You all have spent that year listening to us yak. Now we'd like to give you an opportunity to contribute to the blog :-) Of course, there will be prizes (and we're going on a field trip to a local arts and crafts fair so the winner should get something interesting).

So, what is this task you ask? Well, I'm going to borrow shamelessly from Miss Snark. Below you'll find a list of words and phrases. Incorrporate them into a short story or scene (no more than 500 words) and email your entries to Entries should be in by noon on Sunday afternoon. I'll forward them to the other playfriends so that we can all read them and pick the winner. If you're willing to share your entry with our blog readers please provide a note in your email giving us permission to post.

What's the criteria for winning? Well, the more words or phrases from the list that you incorrporate the better your score. I'm sure we'll be awarding points for creativity, humor, interesting use of the word or phrase, that sort of thing.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, but I'm not a writer. Don't worry! This exercise if for everyone. Honestly, we really want to hear your story or scene.


Teeter totter
Placid as a marshmallow
Don't tempt me
Flying fun, timed run
Crispy noodles
Twinkle, twinkle

Can't wait to hear everyone's entries! Have fun!


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Playground Monitor said...

Well y'all must be writing furiously since you're so quiet today. I hope to see some great scenes.

The Playfriends minus SP but plus Angel's sister had a great shopping expedition and lunch.

Now I'm listening to the football game.

War Eagle!