Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm tired, cranky and frustrated beyond belief. I feel icky and I just know that at some point today I'm going to take my bad mood out on my kids so I'm already feeling guilty.

I simply can't seem to catch up and it's frustrating me to no end! I had a terrible day yesterday, the kind I shoulda ended in the bathtub with a soak and a good cry. Instead I blew off everything I needed to be doing (including working on my revisions - which I can't seem to get started on because every time I try something happens to pull me away....) cuddled up in bed, watched a little TV and fell asleep early.

I thought getting more sleep than normal would help make me feel better in the morning. And it probably would have if both of the girls hadn't woken me up 5 or 6 times in the middle of the night. At one point DH gave up and went outside to shoot pool. Of course, that was before the cats decided to have world war III at my back around 2 AM.

This is the kinda day I know I should just stay in bed. It's going to be bad, I know it. Unfortunately, my world doesn't work that way. So....Anyone got an idea how I can really turn this day around?

And don't forget, I'll be choosing someone from the commenters today to win a free book in our book a day giveaway. Actually, just typing that made me smile.



blueberri said...

Aw, Instigator, I had a bad day yesterday too. Everything felt off! I think it's the funky weather. It has nothing whatsoever to do with us! :) Everything went wrong that could go wrong. It was a Murphy's Law Day. I'm glad today is a new beginning. I'm going to change my shampoo so I start the day off differently. :)

krissyinva said...

This is what works for me....sometimes! I don't get out a whole lot so for me just sitting down and getting fab with makeup, clothes and great shoes usually lifts my spirits.Then maybe go out and pick myself up a little something. A book, box of chocolate, or maybe a new pair of shoes. It usually gets me out of a horrible downhill day. I hope it gets better!!

Rhonda said...

Sorry about your bad day, Instigator. (I think that was going around yesterday.) Though it sounds very trite, I just try to count my blessings. It's sort of like the time McDonald's left the apple pie out of my bag and I got so angry I thought I was going to have a stroke. Seriously. I jumped a curb going back, intent on blowing someone out over that damned pie.

But sitting in the drive through, waiting my turn--again--it suddenly occured to me: if THIS is the worst thing that happens to me today--if my PIE getting left out of the bag is IT--then I'm in pretty good shape.

So when my turn came, I smiled sweetly, told them about my pie and thanked the girl with true sincerity when she handed it to me.

There was a point to all of this, but I've forgotten it. That's happening a lot lately...

CrystalG said...

I know what you mean about yesterday being a bad day. Felt horrible all day and then husband had an allergic reaction to something and I was awake half the night.
A change of scenery always helps me when I have a bad day. Getting out and doing something different always perks me up.

Theresa N. said...

Grandmother all ways said,"Put on your makeup, it'll make you feel better." I always have and it always does.

Problem Child said...

Theresa and krissyinva are women after my own heart. DG laughs becuase any crisis will send me to the shower. I think better with clean hair--I don't know why. Once my hair is clean, I can deal with whatever.

I think the "look good, feel good" connection is like those positive affirmations.

Of course, this statement comes from the girl who is sick and crusty and plans to return to bed unshowered and sleep until I feel better. :-)

Linda Winstead Jones said...

My mother's advice was always "Wash your face and comb your hair and you'll feel better." :-)

I read years ago that you can change your mood through music. First play something that suits your bad mood. Angry, sad, depressed music. Wallow in it for a moment. Then play something uplifting, happy, calming - whatever it is you're looking for - and let yourself experience that, as well. Make sense to me, but then I'm always affected by the music around me.

Hugs on the bad day.


Smarty Pants said...

Here's something to make you smile - today is National Apology Day. So, I'm sorry you feel bad.

Seriously, getting dressed up could help. I'm more of a "eat a bag of chocolate" kind of girl, hence my hind end. Music is always good though, upbeat 80s stuff to get my brain focused on other things.


krissyinva said...

Also I usually wear pretty flat shoes(sneakers, sandals etc.)when I wear a shoe with a hill, for me it's an instant pick me up! Okay I might be a little wierd but that extra 2-3 inches just makes me happy.

Jennifer Y. said...

Hugs! I hate having bad days!

Angel said...

Since I know something a lot of these people don't--i.e. that you don't wear makeup--then I won't recommend that. But I do believe that taking that extra time to dress nice and "put your face on" helps you face whatever the day may bring much better. I definitely found this to be true after months of Little Man not sleeping through the night.

Breath deeply!!! Just take a few minutes to close your eyes and breath, nothing else.

And this may sound counterintuitive, but I'm also dealing with the "too many things and not enough time" deal, and one thing that is helping me is to make a list of EVERYTHING that needs to get done. Making a list always calms me (probably has something to do with my learning style!), and just helps me prioritize better (otherwise everything looks like its of the utmost priority).

Hugs, Sweetie! This too shall pass.


Kathy said...

Instigator, the key here is to stop thinking about it. As Maven Linda said, put on some music to match your mood then something to reve you up.

Take a deep breath. As Rhonda said, it could be worse. Find the things that you enjoy and do them. Flip through old albums. That'll put a smile on your face and put everything into perspective. Make a christmas list. Doing things for others, even thinking of doing things for others will brighten your mood.

Last but not least, cut yourself some slack. You are alive and life happens. You are dedicated. I know you'll get those revisions done. Grab a piece of chocolate, put on some good music, dance a little or a lot, sing, and marvel at how brightly the sun is shining in the sky. Inspiration is there...waiting.

(wishing you a better day today)

Maven Linda Howard said...

For what it's worth, Mercury went retrograde on 10/28, for three weeks. In that length of time, I've blown a monitor, fried an answering machine, forgot about a pot roast I had cooking on the stove (no, the house didn't burn down, but the pot roast is in pieces), and I don't know if y'all have noticed it but people are driving like IDIOTS. And it isn't even a full moon yet!

When I'm really P. O.'d, I ask myself: Is killing this person worth spending the rest of my life in prison?

So far, the answer has been "no."

Try this, Instigator: Go stand outside and scream as loud as you can. Jump up and down and clench your fists and generally throw a fit. Cry, if you can, since crying releases endorphins. Then say, "To hell with it. This is life. On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the worst possible thing I can think of, where does this rate?"

It's amazing how often what has us so stressed rates less than a 5.

And for what it's worth, the word verification for me today is: ibngdjsp.

Problem Child said...

When I'm really P. O.'d, I ask myself: Is killing this person worth spending the rest of my life in prison?

So far, the answer has been "no."

Yeah, but some days, it's a tough call.

Instigator said...

You guys are so sweet. You made me laugh and almost made me cry :-) I knew you'd all understand and have some great ideas on how I could salvage this day.

I think I'm going to treat myself to a nice hot lunch on this cold day and then enjoy spending time with my girls tonight when we get home. No pressure. No to do list.


Minna said...

If I've had a really bad day I go to sauna, but that's a Finnish thing to do. Meditating isn't a bad idea either.

Carol said...

We all have bad days. Sometimes I just want to scream! Actually, I have done that! lol I'm glad you are feeling better. Forgetting the "to do" list is a good idea. Enjoy your lunch and the time with your daughters instead!

Playground Monitor said...

I don't think I can add anything to the already wonderful list of suggestions. I think it must be the time of year, Mercury in retrograde notwithstanding. The weather's changing and it's hot one day and freezing the next. Our body temperatures don't know how to handle it and it always makes me feel like I've been run over by a train and then the engineer backed up to see what he'd hit.

Hang in there. It's almost the weekend!


Maureen said...

You need to take a nice soak in a tub. Also, chocolate always helps.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!
I second the advice about a good long soak in the tub and chocolate. Always makes me feel better :)

Rhonda said...

Linda, you burned the pot roast??? Not that I don't feel bad about the rest of your stuff, but I've HAD your pot roast, and that is a true tragedy. Mercury needs to get his backward butt back on track. We can't have things like this happening.

Playground Monitor said...

Mercury goes direct on November 17, so hang on and things will get better after that. According to my horoscope, November 21 is supposed to be a stellar day for me.


Verification = xxrhwod

KimW said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day. I always read a book to escape or get on the treadmill. It doesn't sound like fun, but I actually do feel better when I run off all that anxiety. It's amazing how fast you can go when your mad. haha!

Maven Linda Howard said...

Rhonda, I didn't burn the roast, but I remembered it just as I was going to bed! It had been cooking for hours, and would surely have cooked dry before the next morning and burned down the house.

It's a very tender pot roast. The dogs are enjoying it immensely. Yes, I cooked it just for my girls :-). Gary has been gone for nine days already, won't be back for another two or three, and we females needed a treat.

Want me to call you the next time I cook a roast, so you can join us and eat some of the dogs' food?

catslady said...

just typing that made me smile. It made me smile too lol.
I've had better days too and hoping tomorrow will be a better one :)

Playground Monitor said...

Uh... I love pot roast. :grin:

Debby said...

Hey, I had a bad day today. MAybe it is universal. We had 5 fights in the grade I teach today. One in my classroom. It was awful. Bummer

Rhonda said...

Linda, yes please call. Maybe the girls will share. :-) And while we're at it, I think I'll put in a request for the Krispy Kreme bread pudding. :-) (Word verification:wpncgkvs)