Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
It's so easy to get caught up in the melee of our hectic lives and to forget to appreciate the blessings we've all been given. There may be sadness, stress, disappointment but there are always things to be thankful for as well.
I'm thankful for this wonderful, supportive group of friends! I'm thankful for my family, my baby girls, that we live in a place where they have a bright future ahead of them full of so many possibilities. And I'm thankful for the support, acknowledgement and encouragement that we receive each and every day from our friends and visitors on the playground. You might not post but we know you're there and we hope that we're providing something back to you in return.
On this day, I hope that everyone enjoys a happy, safe Thanksgiving.
I'd love to hear what you're thankful for!
P.S. Because it's Thanksgiving I'm not going to be giving away a book a day - I'm going to be giving away 2 books today. So post and maybe you'll have something extra to be thankful for.
P.P.S. Yesterday's winner in our book-a-day giveaway is Pearl. Please email
P.P.P.S Beth, could you please email me at to claim your prize from last week?
P.P.P.P.S Later today I'll be announcing the winner and posting a few of the entries from last weekend's blog contest. We have some very talented writers and readers out there!!


catslady said...

Congrats Pearl.

I'm thankful for my family and good health. My mom is 84 and keeps us all going. My daughter and her boyfriend are here for thanksgiving and that makes it special too.

bamabelle said...

Congrats Pearl and any other winners that I have missed! :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Playfriends and Playmates! I am most thankful for my family and friends today. That includes my e-friends. All of you mean a lot to me, so today I am thankful for each of you!

Hugs, Zara (Bamabelle)

Playground Monitor said...

After learning that a young friend's 30 year old husband died suddenly on Sunday and then that horrible bus accident on Monday, I just have so very much to be thankful for. I have family and friends who love me and whom I cherish. I have a roof over my head and a turkey thawing in the bathtub. ::grin::

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Minna said...

Congrats Pearl and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Y. said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope everyone has a great day!

I am thankful for so many things and people. I am especially thankful for my family who I love dearly. I am thankful for each moment I have to spend with them.

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving everybody :o)
We canucks had our turkey day last month but I'm thankful for my wonderful supportive friends and my parents. And my nice request for a partial *g*

Dannyfiredragon said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Congrats to Pearl!

I am most thankful for my family and my friends, especially my online friends.

readingissomuchfun said...

Congrad's Pearl.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I am thankful for everything I have in mylife. I am thankful for the friends & family & the authors. I am thankful to have the kind of man I have in mylife. My fiance who is always there for me. I am thankful for each time I get to wake up and see life. I am thankful for so many things.

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. My fiance and I started cooking on wednesday. We decided to make ham this yr.

We made baked macaroni & cheese, honey glazed ham, collard greens, whipped sweet potatoes with cut apples inside, stuffing and apple pie.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Gobble Gobble.


Maureen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I'm thankful for my family and friends and am glad that we can be together today.

Tam said...

~~~Happy Thanksgiving Everyone~~~

I'm thankful for the health of my family & friends & the times when we can be together. And for the LOVE of my life, it took us 20 years to get together but we made it. Have been married for almost 6 years now. Hope to have many more years.

Debby said...

I am thankful for many things. I have a wonderful family and have somewhat of my health. I only wish my daughter's leg was better. We are hoping she can keep the rest of her leg. So I am thankful for allthe wonderful people at the SHriners Hopsital for Crippled Children

krissyinva said...

I'm thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful that my loved ones are happy and healthy.


Meljprincess said...

Congratulations, Pearl!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

I'm thankful for my cat, my family, my author friends, and my roommate. There's a lot more I'm thankful for but you'd read a book. *g*

KimW said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful that my husband came into my life and for the rest of my family and friends.

I'm also thankful I have fun places to visit like The Writing Playground. You've made me laugh and taught me things and when you didn't even know it. lol

robynl said...

congrats Pearl! You go girl.
I am thankful for family, health and friends and for a great place to live - Canada.
Happy Thanksgiving to my blog friends celebrating today.

Problem Child said...

I'm thankful for lots of things--DG, AC, Mom, Counselor Shelley--all of whom are happy and healthy.

I'm thankful for my fellow Playfriends and Mavens who support me on my journey and make the trip a lot more fun. And I'm thankful for the efriends I've found here. You all make the Playground the place I love to be!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots. (and even if you're in a place that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving today, have a great day! Everyday is a good day to remember what we have to be thankful for!)

Angel said...

What a wonderful place to be reminded of all we have to be thankful for today!!!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Kathy said...

Coming out of the void here to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Congrats, to all who've won in contests this past week.

Thanksgiving...a time to give thanks for all we've been given and to give back in return. I'm thankful for my family, our health, the many good blessings that followed us through this past year, for freedom (remember so many of our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women are away from home right now protecting our rights to freedom and the rights of others to be free), and last but certainly not least...Angel, Smarty Pants, Problem Child, Instigator and Playground Monitor who've shown me insurmountable encouragement and friendship this past year. Thanks for all you've done for me, gang. You're the best!


ellie said...

I am thankful everyday of my life for my wonderful family, my health and the fun that you have provided on this blog since I found it. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving

alissa said...

I have many things to be thankful for, my wonderful and supportive husband, my great kids and my continuing good health.

Lois said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)


joelle said...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Health is the most important ingredient, as well as happiness and peace within. thanks for this great resource.

Sheryl M said...

There are so may things to be thankful for on this day and every other too. I would have to say I'm thankful for my beautiful family, their health, our home, and the wonderful fellowship we shared during dinner. I pray that everyone has a slice of happiness today and everyday.

Smarty Pants said...

I'm late chiming in...just got back from DB's parent's house. I am so full of turkey. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm thankful for my family, my friends and my health. I'm thankful that everyone I love is healthy and happy. I'm thankful that I live in a free country and can pursue my dreams. I'm thankful I have a job that affords me (most) of the things I want in life and all of the things I need. I'm thankful for the various talents I've been given and I hope I'm making good use of them all. I'm thankful not only for the Playfriends and the Mavens, but for the success of this site and each of you that continue to log in and care about what we have to say.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Jeanette J said...

I just want to wish all of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving