Sunday, November 26, 2006


Y'all are some sick, twisted blog readers---and I love that!

Seriously, I'm going to need a new keyboard from the amout of Coke I spewed onto the keyboard (and thanks for making it come out my nose).

This was a toughie to choose... but after much thought and deliberation and consultation with DG, billie l is our Wish-Corrupter Du Jour. Not only did she sabotage tam's wish, she managed to tie it in with an earlier wish from tam, providing a double wish-slamming whammy. That's talent.

Billie, contact Marilyn ( to claim your prize. I promise it's a good one.

Thanks, everyone, for playing along. After reading that comment tail, dried-out turkey catastrophies pale in comparision.

Here's hoping your holiday wishes come a much better form than they did here!



catslady said...

Congrats Billie. I'm sorry I missed the fun but my daughter was visiting and I'm behind in everything lol.

I received my book from being the crazy one with 8 entries to the feet contest - thank you so much!!

Tam said...

WTG! Billie, I'm happy for you!

Meljprincess said...

Congrats Billie!

I'm with ya about the Coke. No kidding, reading the wish corruption made me laugh my arse off! It was fun. Let's do it again sometime soon.