Saturday, November 11, 2006

Who knows the toes?

Here's your weekend contest...

You know by now that we have a thing for pictures of our feet. In fact, we have a Hall of Feet section in our Yearbook on the site.

But which foot belongs to which Playfriend?

Your challenge is to pick a foot picture and match the foot to the Playfriend. Choose any picture you like from the Hall of Feet and identify any way you'd like (descriptions of the socks, clockwise-from-bottom-left, whatever works for you).

I'll be judging this contest, so send your answers to me (Problem Child) by 6pm Sunday. The person with the most correct answers will win a book of her choice, a scented candle, and a bag of wonderful-smelling goodies from Bath and Body Works. (In case of a tie, my Amazing Child will randomly choose a winner from the correct entries.)

Because there's a degree of difficulty here, I'll let you enter more than once, but you must choose a different foot picture for each entry.

Have Fun!

PS: I still haven't heard from my Tuesday winner, minna. Please email me ASAP so I can get your prize in the mail to you!

PPS: We're off to our chapter meeting today where 4 out of 5 Playfriends will be elected to the Board of HOD. (The 5th Playfriend is taking over a non-elected position). Here's to Playfriend World Domination!

PPPS: Jennifer Y is Smarty Pants's winner from Friday's comments. Congrats Jennifer--email Smarty Pants to arrange for your prize!

PPPPS: And a very happy Veterans' Day to all who have served our country.


Playground Monitor said...

I know the answers! I know the answers!



Smarty Pants said...

I have to say, some pictures are easier than others, so choose wisely...


Jennifer Y. said...

Thank you!!!