Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where is everybody?

A very quiet weekend on the blog...can you tell the Playfriends "got a life" this weekend?

Let's see 3 Playfriends are on trips, one is recovering from throwing one heck of a bridal shower yesterday (with all the family fun that includes), and then there's me.

Sigh... I wish I had a life this weekend. Instead, I'm catching up on laundry and cleaning the house before the Health Dept. comes to take AC away. I'm playing a rousing mental game of "Anywhere but here."

So, what are YOU doing this weekend? And where would you rather be?



Jennifer Y. said...

Well, I was at my brother's house until today. He took me to the NASCAR Busch car race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I am trying to catch up on e-mails and everything now. I am home now, so I am not sure I'd choose to be anywhere else. I am just going to read.

Angel said...

I was having a relaxing day after this week's excitement, until Drama Queen started throwing up.


Playground Monitor said...

This was clean-up weekend at the campground where we have a little get-away trailer. Because I can't over-stress my left shoulder, I got to avoid raking duty and instead helped clean out the clubhouse. I pulled a few weeds too. And I cleaned up our trailer -- dusting, wiping off countertops, sweeping, getting cobwebs out of the corners. We raked the few leaves that fell during the winter and made some plans for things we want or need to do this year. I had leftover flower seeds from my son's wedding (I did little "Plant a Memory" envelopes for the guests at the rehearsal dinner) and I'm going to sprinkle those all around the lot. I've nothing to lose and a lot of pretty flowers to gain.

Anyhoo, got back home a bit ago and I'm doing laundry. Ugh!


P.S. Sorry to hear that DQ is urping. Hope she's better soon and that Little Man doesn't get it too.

Instigator said...

Well...I spent the day in the pool and on the beach. Don't hate me. It's pretty windy a bit cold. But the heated pool feels amazing!!!

Instigator - who can't seem to break her internet addiction even though it takes for freakin' ever to download anything