Saturday, March 04, 2006

Here's Your Sign

It's astrology time again.

You can check your horoscope


Smarty Pants said...

Wow. According to mine, March is going to totally suck. That's great. I needed that. Whatever. It's going okay so far, so I can't complain. New job, spring is coming, I'm going to long as my partner doesn't mention us seeing other people (which it said was an example of stuff that might come up this month)...I'll be good.


Instigator said...

Mine mentioned having good news about a foreign business deal at the end of the month. The last time it mentioned that I had 2 phone calls from editors :-) Here's hoping it brings good news from Canada again :-)

It also said I'm going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the entire month - specifically the beginning. And so far it seems to be correct. I've got 3 new job opportunities at work that I'm going to be handling the bid and proposals for not to mention my own writing, finishing the WP article and the newsletter article. Thank Heavens I'll be taking a vacation the 18 - 24. But I'll probably end up working my tale off at the beach instead of relaxing :-)


Jennifer Y. said...

According to mine (Sagittarius):

"March will be a wild month, filled with all sorts of news on both ends of the spectrum."


"might feel isolated at the time of the eclipse (March 14), as if you were swimming the English Channel by yourself."


"The month will end on a happy note."

Very interesting!!!

Problem Child said...

Hey Jennifer,

I'm a Sag too!

What a wierd horoscope this month, huh?


Playground Monitor said...

I think the eclipses are messing everyone up this month. I'm thinking maybe I should just hole up for the month in a cave somewhere. Anybody want to join me?