Sunday, March 12, 2006

One more cool person we know

We got a shout-out over on Bronwyn Jameson's blog and I'd like to return the favor. I got to know Bron by reviewing her books and then last summer I got to meet her in Reno at the RWA national conference. Matter of fact, someone took a photo of us together at the eHarlequin pajama party.

Bron wrote in her blog that day "This is a picture with Marilyn Puett, Desire reader, writer, reviewer and, as the T-shirt says, Chat Room Queen. Note that we are standing in front of the urns, drinking tea like the ladies we are, and resisting any urge to join the ruckus heading out to the Garage nightclub." Yessiree, we were behaving like ladies. :-) And the chat room queen comment referred to my old duties as chat moderator at Writers Unlimited, where I still post a review or two. It's a very romance-friendly review site if you're looking for a place to get your books reviewed.

Anyway, howdy right back at ya, Bron! Or maybe that should be "G'day!"

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