Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mr. Perfect

Two nights ago I picked up a book I read four years ago. It’s Mr. Perfect by Maven Linda Howard. I’d forgotten just how funny and brilliant the book is.

To summarize briefly, Jaine Bright and three friends spend every Friday night relaxing at a local bar. On one Friday night, they begin discussing the perfect man and the result is “The List,” which details the attributes they find necessary for any man to be considered perfect. When “The List” accidentally becomes public it causes a national sensation. The “Ladies of the List” figure all they can do it ride out the notoriety. That is until one of them is murdered. Then things take a decidedly suspenseful twist and Jaine must depend on her neighbor, Detective Sam Donovan who she originally thought was a drunk or a drug dealer. Now she's got the hots for him and the feeling is mutual. Sam will leap tall buildings to catch this killer before he gets to Jaine.

The list that Jaine and her friends drew up contained qualities like faithfulness, reliability, good sense of humor along with some specefic physical characteristics.

This made me start thinking about what I want to see in a romance novel hero. What makes the hero “perfect?”

I like a man who is heroic. I like a man who has the courage to stand behind his beliefs, but also the courage to follow his heart. I want to see a man who will do anything for love. He must be faithful, reliable, have a good heart, be intelligent and have a good sense of humor and take responsibility for his actions. It also helps if he likes babies and animals.

My heroes need to be sexy and have sex appeal, and a great smile is a must. He should also have stamina, tight jeans, boots and a Resistol (or Stetson as the case may be) or an Armani suit, Italian leather shoes and a ridiculously expensive silk tie. He can wear boxers or briefs or go commando. He need six-pack abs, broad shoulders, narrow hips, a trim waist, a tight butt, big hands and a big— Ha! You thought I was going to mention a body part. Well, it is a body part. He must have a big heart.

There’s one more thing. He should be a little rough around the edges in some fashion so that the heroine can smooth it out. Like Dorothy in Jerry Maguire, she should complete him. And he should complete her.

So what’s YOUR Mr. Perfect like? Is there a hero in a book or movie who exhibits all the criteria on your list? Right now, I’m thinking Sam Donovan does a darn good job. And he has a big… ;-)


Rhonda said...

Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama did a pretty fine job of being a fantastic hero for me. He was gorgeous--of course--wounded, funny, artistic, resourceful and faithful.

And there's just something about those clear blue peepers and that wicked little half-smile that just similtaneously melts a girl's heart...then warms her up in other places.

Problem Child said...

I like my Heroes to be, well, kind of like you describe. But that's in a book.

In real life, I guess you could say my tastes run to kilted computer geeks.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a man in a military uniform. Of course, if he has a mesmerizing voice, soulful eyes, and a mask on his face, a uniform doesn't matter.


Angel said...

Umm... I've always leaned toward Tall, Dark, and Handsome for my heroes, which is kind of ironic because I'm married to a loveable, sexy blond.

I love a man who is take-charge, commanding, but not overbearing. Secretly sensitive. And will do anything to romance and protect the woman he loves.

A tight, high butt does wonders for me too. Now that my husband does have!!!! I know, TMI!


Smarty Pants said...

I haven't commented on this yet today because I don't really know what defines perfect. I had a list in high school - smart, funny, honest, romantic, tall, great smile - later realized "straight" was missing. We won't go there. Added that and a few other things to my list in college but quickly discovered that "ambitious" was now missing. My class ditching boyfriend at the time would take the money from his folks, then not enroll - would just keep the money and hang out at a friend's house when he was supposed to be in class. Added that to the list with a college degree. I don't think you can ever get it right. The list keeps evolving and you never know what's missing until its staring you in the face.

My heroes always tend to be tall, strong, winning smile, sarcastic, wounded and emotionally distant. A cute butt never hurts either, Angel. :)