Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Children are off at their chapter meeting today. We'll check back in this evening. In the meantime, we'll pose a question to our readers...

1. Why romance?

It accounts for over 50% of the paperback fiction market so it has plenty of devoted fans. If you read or write romance...why? What is it that draws you to the genre?

All our responses will be entered into a drawing this evening for a prize. I haven't decided what yet, but I'm sure it will be great! :)



Instigator said...

I read romance because I'm an optimist. I love the thought that out there in the world there is one perfect person for each of us. And growing up, reading about the people who struggled through all sorts of things to find that love gave me hope that I could find my perfect person too.

I write romance because I love to write and I'm still an optimist :-) I want to give other people that same sense of hope that I had growing up.


KimW said...

hmmm...should be such a simple question to answer but the only thing that comes to mind is because I love the stories. It isn't because I'm dreaming about a world I don't have because I'm fortunate in having a hot hunky perfect hero right at home with me. Well in my mind, anyway. haha! I suppose it's because I like to see how other relationships begin and develop. I think reading romance is a great way to relax the mind.

Have fun at your chapter meeting!

Jennifer Y. said...

Hmm...I have been asked this many times and I guess that I read romance for many reasons. I read romances because they help me to escape reality for just a little while and visit other time periods, people, or places. True, I could do that with any genre of book (and I have), but I prefer romances because with a romance book, I am usually guaranteed a happily ever after. I still read other genres, but I love happy endings where the girl gets her guy. Any other type of ending tends to depress me.

Romances make me believe in happy endings, in the idea that the right person is out there for everyone, and in possibilities. They make me believe that it just might be possible for me to get my happy ending and meet Mr. Right. Until then, I can read about others doing so.

Olga said...

I like emotions, the journey, and the HEA. Actually, it's more than that. Maybe I like the characters to get what they deserve, maybe I like the characters growth, maybe it's all together. Marilyn, I hope it's okay if I post it here. I don't have your contact info, and I really need it - you probably know why!

Angel said...

I started reading romance as a teenager. Growing up in a less than perfect family (is there any other?), I loved the optimism and reassurance that the characters could find that person to love and love them in return.

As I began writing, I realized that 1. I was familiar with romance 2. I wanted to pass on that reassurance to others 3. and I wanted to impart a sense of the heroine finding herself, which to me is often tied up in relationships.

After my recent reading of a book outside of the romance genre, I have to say that I love the happily ever after. It doesn't necessarily have to be the get married and have a baby kind, but a HEA that fits the characters and their relationship.


Playground Monitor said...

I'm with the rest of you -- I love that happy ending.

The playfriends had a great meeting today. We plotted and planned and have all sorts of great things planned for the website in the months ahead.

Stay tuned!


Jennifer Y. said...

I am glad you had a good day...I look forward to see what changes are in store for the site.

Faith said...

I write romance because my sex scenes will make your panties burst into flames.

Problem Child said...

I think love is the most complex of human emotions. Why we fall in love with one person or another seems to be quite the mystery.

As a writer, I can't think of a greater challenge than to explore this emotion and recreate the experience for a reader.

And, yes, I like a HEA as well. :-)