Sunday, March 12, 2006


Nope. This isn't about the television show.

It's about our blog statistics.

Tonight we had our 4500th hit!

We had 204 hits alone last Wednesday. What, you ask, was on the blog last Wednesday?

Not what, but who. Brad, George, Eric, Viggo, Dean, Pierce, Matt, Ben, James, Hugh, Heath, Harrison, Gerard, Johnny, Patrick and Raoul.

Which just goes to prove that you draw more bees with sugar than vinegar. *g*

Buzz, buzz.


Jennifer Y. said...

WooHoo!! or is it a SQUEEE-moment! (many of those hits are probably from me...LOL)

KimW said...

or they could be from me. LOL Yuck..that photo needs to be replaced with another hunk. I don't like bees.

Problem Child said...

Not sugar--candy.