Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spring Is In The Air

I can't compete with the muscled men that graced our blog yesterday. I'm not even going to try. But I am going to bring up another subject equally close to my heart.

Spring is finally here. I wore a short sleeved shirt today, dug my cute warm-weather flats out of my shoe pile, and put Sweet Pea in a skort for school. I even took off from work early to take the girls to the park (we got side-tracked at my mother's but I made up for it by letting them play on the swingset there and hitting Chuck E Cheese instead. I am the worlds best mother :-) and quite possibly need to have my head examined). Sweet Pea's favorite book at the moment is Bambi. At this time of year I can't help but think of twitterpatted - everything is new and perfect. Spring is the season for love.

So you'd think it would be easy to write about love at this time of year, right? WRONG! It's that much harder to hole up inside, sit in front of a computer screen and grind out those words that just can't quite measure up to the picture in your brain. Especially when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the thermometer reads a perfect 75. For a natural born procrastinator - that would be me - Spring can really be a tough time of year.

I've come up with a few tricks to help keep my head where it needs to be - finishing this first rough draft. I tend to write better at night. Once the sun's gone down the temptation isn't quite so great. I take my AlphaSmart outside and write in the sunshine. I take pages with me to edit at the park (although that can be tough with a 4.5 and almost 2 year old running around).

Okay, so those work, but I'm looking for more ways to take advantage of the beautiful Spring season while still accomplishing everything I need to. HELP! Share your ideas Please!


And just cause I love prime beefcake...

P.S. I couldn't resist looking at the Raoul Bova site this morning and once I did I had to post some of his pictures. Man is he HOT HOT HOT!


Rhonda said...

You're definitely right about spring being in the air. I hauled my laptop outside onto the deck yesterday and worked. I guess we all have our processes. I write better in the morning. In fact, I get more done--whether it's work related or *home*-work related--from 6AM-Noon. I'm definitely a morning person. I have finally taught family and friends not to call during those hours, to at least wait until lunch. :-)

Playground Monitor said...

I love going out on my backporch and working too. I'm getting an Alphasmart soon and that will be great for outside work. Now I have to write longhand, which isn't always bad.

Unlike Rhonda, I am NOT a morning person. I have to surface (like a whale) in the mornings and it takes until noon for me to reach the top. In my ideal world, I'd work from 8:00PM until whenever and then sleep late the next morning. Of course, in my ideal world, the maid would be cleaning the house, the gardener would be weeding the flower beds and the cabana boy would be serving me tall, cool drinks by the pool. *g*

Problem Child said...


I only grunt until 9 am.


Rhonda said...

LOL, on the surfacing like a while comment PM. (Hope you're feeling better.)

And PC, I'm surprised! I would have pegged you for a morning person. :-)

Just to clarify, I don't exactly wake up happy and ready to take on the world--I need about fifteen minutes of solitude, then it's go time. :-)

Instigator said...

Morning person I am not. However, I'm much better than my husband. I think he strategically leaves the house before everyone else wakes up simply because he doesn't want to talk to any of us :-)

There's no doubt I'm a night owl. No matter how tired I might feel during the day 9PM hits and I get a second wind (and can't go to sleep).


Jennifer Y. said...

I am not a morning person. I don't speak until I have been awake at least 15 minutes. I am definitely a night owl.

Rhonda said...

By 9:00 my rump is in the bed, watching an Everybody Loves Raymond rerun on Fox. By the end of the show, I'm struggling to stay awake. Doesn't mean I won't wake up several times during the night--much to my annoyance--but I'll be ready for light's out, at any rate. :-)

Loribelle Hunt said...

Spring in Alabama must be taken advantage of though. Before you know it (well down here at least) it'll be so hot you can't out before 8am w/out sweltering. And then comes hurricane season. :sigh: Someone remind why I live here again? Oh yeah. No snow lol. :)

Playground Monitor said...

Yeah... spring in Alabama = thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. The flowers can be absolutely lovely here, but then cold air will blast down from up north and meet the warm, humid Gulf air and KABOOM!

Thankfully today's storm was just a quickie - some wind and rain and over pretty quickly.

Jennifer Y. said... I was reading PM's comment about thunderstorms a thunderstorm warning went across my tv screen. Spring=bad weather for Georgia too!