Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not quite holiday magic...

I’m rather sad. The era of Santa has officially passed at Casa PC. AC asked us point-blank, and I wasn’t going to lie. I don’t know who was more disappointed: AC or me and the Geek.

AC is 10, and she’s quite smart, so I know she’s been doubtful for several years. But AC is also a dreamer and an optimist who really wants to believe, so I knew she wouldn’t give up the idea without a fight. I mean, this is a child who grew up knowing that the answer to every question is only a Google search away. If she’d wanted confirmation – but didn’t want to directly ask – she’d have looked it up. She didn’t want to know.

We’ve loved doing Santa over the years – well, the Geek’s a little tired of Santa getting the credit – but we’ve created our own traditions and made some wonderful memories. But while I’ll miss doing Santa, what really makes me sad is that the loss of Santa marks the end of an era. The end of the age of innocence. Children get to believe in magic. They get to wonder at the world, and the world must be good if someone like Santa exists. Now that magic is muted for my child. The world is a little less wonderous and awesome now.

These tween years are awkward. She’s definitely not a child anymore, but she’s not nearly grown up either. And now that Santa is just a myth, she’s now on the adults’ team and she has the responsibility to not ruin the joy for other children. But she’s still a little girl who was sad to have her suspicions confirmed.

So Christmas will be different for us this year. Still joyful and magical, but not as magical as it used to be. My little girl is growing up. I’m glad. But I’m sad too.

But as we move into this new stage, we’ll make new memories and traditions. And hopefully, some new magic.

I hope you all have a joyful and magical holiday.


Smarty Pants said...

Little Sister is in denial. Her best friend told her flat out a few weeks ago and she asked my mom. Mom asked if she wanted the truth and when she said yes, deflated the myth. She's 8. I had given it up long before then. But apparently, in a rally for Team Santa, she has decided to forget that discussion ever occurred. One of many big differences between her and I. I'm way too suspicious to believe in anything. She's too dedicated to not believe.

Playground Monitor said...

I've never told my mother I didn't believe. I'm no fool. ~grin~

It's sad to see the magic end, but there's other magic in the world too. Just give me a few minutes and I think of what it is. And as you said, she gets to be part of the magic for others.

Jean Hovey said...

Ah, but think of those magical teen year coming. I'm not being sarcastic. I love teenagers. I don't let them talk back to me and once everyone understands that, we have a fabulous time.

PC's Mom said...

Does this mean the Geek doesn't get a shot of whiskey and a cookie on a special Christmas plate as a late night snack?

Sara Murphy said...

My daughter was the last to learn the "truth" a few years ago. Instead of cookies for santa we bake and give away to friends. Instead of santa filling stockings I get a helper each year that helps with stockings. And they do mine, which is nice so I get that suprise too. And of course I still hold the presents until everyone is in bed so there is still the wow when everyone wakes up.

my daughter did the same thing I did though. when she learned she said, so does that mean the easter bunny and the tooth fairy are you too?

PM's Mother said...

Playground monitor quote:
"I've never told my mother I didn't believe. I'm no fool". ~grin~

PM's Mother: She didn't fool me -- I'm nobody's fool either. ;-)

Instigator said...

We're going through that with Sweet Pea this year. Although, she was yelling the loudest at the parade when Santa came by...with her little eyes twinkling and her arm waving furiously just like always. She might 'know' but I don't think she's ready to give up the magic quite yet either.

On the other hand, I've had to admonish her several times for saying something that skated on the edge around Baby Girl. I don't expect the secret to last much longer at our house at all.


LA said...

This is when you explain that Santa is in all of us....it's so much more fun to give than receive!!!! Now, she can join in playing Santa to those we love.

Katherine Bone said...

LA said it best. Santa lives inside all of us. ;)