Thursday, December 01, 2011

I Need An App for That

So, yeah, I finally broke down and got an iPhone. I didn't get the latest and greatest because I just couldn't see the point in spending an extra $100 when it wasn't the 5 and didn't have the upgrades I wanted. But my Blackberry was driving me crazy and based on it's actions about to die. Zilla wanted his for his birthday and we decided it made sense to just upgrade both phones at the same time. I mean mine's for Christmas anyway so I'd have been doing it a few weeks later anyway.

And I LOVE it. I thought I understood the iPhone obsession, but I really didn't until I got one in my hands. It's the apps. There are just so dang many. For everything. I even found one for Black Friday that was a lifesaver because it had all the ad scans and the ability to make a list of things you wanted. Much more convenient than carrying around the paper ads.

But there are sooo many of them! I've been visiting the app store on a daily basis but I get overwhelmed with options. So I thought I'd ask y'all - what are your favorite apps? What could you not live without? Favorite paid? Favorite free? What apps am I missing?


P.S. Playground Monitor's winner from yesterday is Kelley Gregory! Email PM to arrange to get your prize.


pjk said...

I love my iphone too! I have had mine for about a month, and I am discovering great apps all the time. It's really true when they say "There's an app for that!"

If you have friends and family with iphones, then you must get the app "BUMP". It allows you to bump info like apps, photos, and contacts from one iphone to another. ~so cool~

Smarty Pants said...

You've already picked my brain on this subject. I assure you the thrill will fade in time. I almost never download new apps now unless I'm going on a trip and want a subway map or something.

Playground Monitor said...

I have the iPod Touch -- an iPhone without the phone. The flashlight app came in real handy when my mother's friend forgot to leave the front porch lights on for us. And Shazam lets me identify a song provided I'm near a WiFi source when I hear it. And I used Fandango to see where The Muppets was playing and get the movie times.

GladysMP said...

Since I do not have a cell phone at all, I am at a loss at suggesting an app. LOL