Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best of Intentions...

I’ve been trying to be ultra-careful with my time right now, because I’m working the day job and doing a hard push on writing and submitting. But recently, I got roped into something extra, and I’m not even sure how it all happened.

My daughter joined the band this year – her first year in middle school. I’m glad, because she’s taken a huge interest in it and the band has given her a nice friend-base to draw from. I’ve attended the Band Parent meetings and tried to stay informed.

Recently it was brought to the parents’ attention that the band was hosting their annual holiday dance and I thought, “Oh, I could coordinate that! But no! Too much time!” So I settled for an offer to decorate the cafeteria that night. The very overwhelmed Band Parent Association President gratefully accepted. Two weeks later I go into the band room to inspect the decorations they already had and was blindsided by the band director’s instructions on what needed to be done for the entire dance. Confused, I tried to pass along the info to the BPA President and… I’m way too nice for my own good.

Now I’m in charge of everything and the volunteers who volunteered to help aren’t, well, doing the volunteer tasks according to my schedule (which is really tight because I was left with only 2 weeks to pull this thing together!).

Needless to say, I’m stressed and irritated with myself for letting this go this far. But I’m justifying it with assurances that I will have done my duty and won’t have to contribute anything big for the major fundraiser next year. Seriously. I won’t.

Ever get dragged into something and not understand how it happened? I’m totally there! Pray for me as I do all the last minute organizing for a night of dancing for an entire middle school – and commiserate with your own “how did I get here from there?” stories!



linda winstead jones said...

Oh, no. For you. Those lucky Band Parents have roped in someone who knows how to get things done, so there's no "oh no" for them. I was in the band, and so were my kids. It's really a great way for the kids to have a group and a purpose and - in a way - a home of sorts at school. I did my time as a Band Parent, and so did my folks. It was a very positive part of my school years! :-)

Smarty Pants said...

That happened to me Saturday night. When we cater, we wash OUR stuff. If we use your pots, we wash them. But if you and your fancy old ladies want to eat off of your Christmas china with real cups and silverware - that's on the old ladies. That's how its always been. But somehow... new organizer... we ended up doing everything. Next year, its clear plastic plates or they can bite me.

Playground Monitor said...

I accepted a vice president's position once not realizing it meant I had to be president the following year. I was young. I was new to the organization. I shoulda read the fine print. But it turned out okay.

I agree with LJ -- they got someone who'll do a terrific job.

Jean Hovey said...

Have I gotten myself into something? Oh, yeah. But not lately.

Instigator said...

You're such a good mom! And you'll have done your duty early and won't need to volunteer for this kind of thing least for awhile. And she's going to have a blast which will be a reward for your hard work in itself. :-)