Monday, October 04, 2010

MOANday: Oops!

I completely forgot that today was my day to blog. :) After being gone all last week and having family over for the entire weekend, it's a wonder I didn't forget that it is the beginning of fall break and try to send the kids to school today. But I still have some gorgeous, if random, eye candy. Enjoy! I hope your fall is starting off with cooler temps, just like ours is.




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This Wednesday we welcome guest blogger Leanne Banks!
Thursday starts a week of blogs celebrating our recent trip to the mountains. Join us as we Embrace Our Inner Tourist!



Playground Monitor said...

I know how you feel. I'm still not sure what day it is even after you reminded us. LOL!

Love the photo of Hugh. ::sigh::

Problem Child said...

Oh, abs are a nice way to start the day. :-)

if today is Monday, then tomorrow's Tuesday. I'd better get busy on my blog!

robertsonreads said...

What a way to start Monday off. Wonderful!!!

Stephanie Jones said...