Thursday, October 07, 2010

Embracing Our Inner Tourist: Food

Who doesn't like to eat? Certainly not any of the Playfriends. Whenever we get together our activities usually revolve around food. Breakfast for planning meetings, lunches for brainstorming and dinners with our families. Fondue, good food and friends, it doesn't get much better.

There's no exception when we travel. In fact, more often than not we end up with too much food. Whenever we get together we tend to trot out our favorite recipes...all of them.
We recently took a much needed trip to the mountains. And of course, several of our activities revolved around food.

First, we went to a place called The Partridge and the Pear. It's associated with The Christmas Store and the entire theme of the restaurant deals with Christmas. All their dishes have some basis in Christmas or Christmas traditions. Their food is AMAZING! And I highly recommend their sweet potato ribbons, their turkey and dressing sandwich and the pear cheesecake. In fact, PC and I forced the group to stop again on our way home to scarf down more sweet potato ribbons...they were that good.

Later that day we had another food adventure but you'll have to wait until Tuesday to hear PC's experiences with that. The story isn't to be missed!

Our last day we went to a cute little place called Desserts and More. Our table sat beneath a suspended lattice work covered in artificial vines, flowers and crystals. The place has a wonderful atmosphere and the food's pretty good too. And of course, with a name like Desserts and More, we had to try the desserts. Creme brulee, tiramisu and chocolate walnut fudge can't go wrong, right? They were sooooo good.
Of course all of this glutony doesn't even include any of the food we brought ourselves. Chocolate chip cookies (who would have thought we could polish off an entire Tupperware container in one night?), rice crispy treats, panini's, lasagna, white chicken chili, eggs, bacon and biscuits. We definitely didn't go hungry.
Is good food a part of your vacation experience? Do you look forward to trying new things when you're in a new place?
P.S. The Playground would also like to wish a very happy birthday to a very special friend -- Barbara Vey.


Playground Monitor said...

Oh yes. Sweet potato ribbons. One of us MUST learn how to make those. You can leave off that stinky blue cheese but the balsamic reduction was the perfect touch. My body is still processing the sugar from Desserts and More.

I like to try local cuisine when I travel. I fell in love with German food when I lived in Germany and visit the German places here from time to time.

We can polish off sweets, can't we? ::grin::

Smarty Pants said...

I doubled the rice krispies from last time and brought two batches of chocolate chip cookies and I still went home with empty containers. :)

I have to say my favorite food that week was... hmm... the coconut cake from Partridge & the Pear. Yum.

Sherry Werth said...

Those desserts look yummy! I always try new dishes whenever I can. You just never know when you might find a new favorite food. :-D

catslady said...

I do like to try new things. The best way is tasting someone elses for just in case lol. The sweet potato ribbons with the blue cheese (only learned to like it over the last few years and now love it) and balsamic (another new favorite) sounds wonderful! Escargot anyone and anchovies and them all.

robertsonreads said...

Yes, but not so much vacations. For my family, 3 sister & mom, it is just a reason for us to get together and enjoy good food and each others company. You would think with us living within 2 miles of each other we would get together often. However, with children and jobs not as much as one would think.

Loved the pictures, thanks for sharin.

Katherine Bone said...

Everything sounds so yummy! You know me. Whenever I hit a restaurant, I check out the desserts first. ;)

I'm glad you had a great time!

Problem Child said...

I must learn how to make that balsamic reduction. I could just eat that by itself.

Now I'm craving those sweet potatoes and there's no way I can get them! Wah!