Monday, October 11, 2010

Embracing Our Inner Tourist: Fabulous Fit

Whenever the Playfriends head to the mountains, one stop is for certain. Well, make that two, because Dunkin’ Donuts is on the list too. ;) But we always, always head to the outlet mall for some down and dirty retail therapy. The outlet malls we visit have everything from high end Coach to low end Pepperidge Farms goldfish, and everything between the two. They also have some great deals.

I’ve bought lots of Christmas and birthday gifts from this outlet, all at 40-50% off retail prices, which is great for name brand clothes and toys. But this year I checked out something new: Socks Galore. Why would I want to buy socks at an outlet? you ask. Well, let me tell you…


I have a small, wide foot. My shoe size varies between a 6.5 and 7.5, sometimes wide, sometimes not. It all depends on the shoe. But one thing is for certain: socks will be too big. Because I’m at the low end of the sock range, there is always extra materials. I inevitably pull the socks tight so I don’t have extra material bunching at the toe, which puts the heel somewhere around my ankle. But at least I’m not fiddling with extra material inside the shoe.

We were discussing this issue, which more than a few of us have, when Playground Monitor gave me the best advice: Pick socks that are part cotton, part lycra or spandex. This give the soft comfort of cotton, but a much better fit and elasticity. So I stepped into Socks Galore to see if I could find a good deal on new socks. Sure enough, they had some buy 1 get 1 50% off. And the sizing was different also. They weren’t 4-10s, but 6-8s, which seems to have helped. I bought a pack for me and one for Drama Queen, who has outgrown all her socks this summer.

As soon as I took them out of the pack and slipped them on, I had to smile. Sure enough, they fit perfectly. Now I’m just praying they make it through the wash with the same shape. Fingers crossed…


So tell us, what are your sock issues? Do you have a favorite kind, brand, or fit? (I prefer ankle length.) Let’s talk about this burning issue today. ;) I’ll pick one commenter to win a free book from my stash.


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Jane said...

I don't have a favorite brand. My always gives me sock as part of my birthday and Christmas presents. He buys them from REI and some are pretty pricey but comfortable and warm and keep your feet dry.

Cheryl said...

I like cotton socks to work in and wear with tennis shoes. The cotton/spandex or just plain lycra I wear with dress clothes. I have too many socks! Two drawers full! Someone needs to help me throw some away!!!

Smarty Pants said...

I am at the other end of the spectrum - skinny, long feet - and I can't get socks either. I've always just worn what I could get, but inevitably, I get holes in the toe or the heels get threadbare from me tugging them up. They always slip down into my shoe and make me crazy.

But there, in the sock mecca, was a section called Queen Sized socks. Sadly, even with skinny feet, I wear queen sized socks. :( Anyway, they're for women with shoes size 10-13! I've worn them the last few days and I love them. They do feel a little weird, though, because they're a touch big. Me, with big socks! Crazy.

And Cheryl - I'm a professional closet organizer. If you need someone to help you part with the stuff you don't need and have a beautiful, organized closet, I'm your girl. :)

Problem Child said...

SP come organize my closet and I'll buy you all the socks you want. I'll even drive back up to the Outlet to get them...

Playground Monitor said...

I like the short socks for summer but once the weather turns cooler, I want crew length socks and it's getting hard to find white, crew length socks that don't cost an arm and a leg. I shoulda bought more socks at the outlet. I went looking for a pair of white socks over the weekend and realized I only had 3 pairs including the ones I bought at the outlet. ::sigh::

I have dark socks to wear with dress pants. My shoe options are so limited now because of my foot problems. I can only wear sandals, tennis shoes and the boxy black ugly shoes I bought because they were comfortable and wide and don't make my un-operated-on foot hurt. I'm in shoe withdrawal. Waaaaaah.

Sherry Werth said...

We have sock issues at our house too. I like the thick low cut ones for the gym but the crew top style in winter with jeans. My washer and dryer likes socks too. But for some reason they only wear one sock..hmmm.

Angel said...

I should have known I wasn't the only one with sock issues!!!

Cheryl, Oddly enough, the hubby cleaned out his sock tub this weekend. Yep, Sock Tub! One of those storage containers you put christmas decorations or keepsakes in. He had an overflowing tub full. He cleaned it out. I swear he's being taken over by aliens.

Anyway... SP, Drama Queen is going to be right there with you. Her feet are going to be bigger, but narrow. Of course, so were mine until I had her, then my bones spread. It was weird.

Sherry, we are always losing socks! It drives me crazy. I mean, where could they possibly go?

Now we know--Socks Galore becomes another must stop when we go to the mountains! Next time, I want to try out some of those socks from the section they had called "Softest Socks in the World".


Maven Linda said...

Renegade socks. I hate them.

With a lot of socks, I have to either fold the extra fabric under my toes, or have the heel part showing on my ankle. Then, when you're walking, having that much extra fabric means the socks can go rogue at any minute and start bunching inside your shoes, which means almost instant blister unless you stop, take off your shoe, and get the rogue sock repositioned.

I like crew socks in the summer, but in the winter I wear a lot of boots so I want knee socks that will keep the boot shaft from rubbing back and forth on my calves. At Socks Galore, I bought some boot socks :-). Glory.

Playground Monitor said...

I bought a pair of those "Softest Socks in the World." They're pretty darned soft. But the true test is how well they handle being laundered.

chey said...

I like cotton socks.

Angel said...

Oh, Maven Linda. I can't roll them up near my toe. That bothers me, a lot. Don't know why, I can just feel it more than bunching in other places.

Did some laundry today found the socks came through with flying colors!!! Hope they hold up under the long haul, but for now, perfection.


catslady said...

I have sooo many socks and of course the sock fairy has stolen half of them. But I was taught to never throw away anything that's still "good" so I keep hoping they will reappear (yeah right). And why is it that they are either way too loose (old ones) or too tight. Mostly tight and I have skinny legs - go figure.

PM's Mother said...

Tube socks are an abomination! My late hubby (PM's father) was in hosiery/sock manufacturing. His advice to me was "purchase full-fashioned" socks! These are socks with the heel and toe shapes knitted in. PM is right -- cotton/lycra blends do fit better now that socks are not manufactured in exact sizes. One place to purchase good fitting socks is National Retail Outlet in Lexington, NC. They sell Buster
Brown socks. knitted with sturdy yarns that don't wear out at the heel and/or toe after two or three wearings. Soft yarns don't wear well.

Anonymous said...

I'm a barefoot kind of girl, so I don't generally have sock issues. But when I do have to wear them (ugh, winter), the cushier the better. In fact, chenille socks are my favorite. Not only are they cozy, but they're great for sliding around on the hardwood floor with the kiddies. :)

gigi said...

When I do wear socks it is the athletic low socks. I can't remember the brand but they sell them at Sam's Club. I like the fuzzy bootie short cashmere (not real but feels like cashmere) footy socks around the house in the cold weather. I also wear colored crew sock with my mules in the winter.
I am am easy fit size 8.

robynl said...

I have tried to find the perfect pair for me but to no avail yet.
I am a size 7 shoe and most socks/sock bundles are size 4-11 here. Imagine wearing those with the heel way up the back of my leg or the toes having sock dangling for miles, lol.

the need is for individualized sizes.