Monday, July 26, 2010

Craziness Has Ensued!

While I know that everyone else is going about their daily lives in a normal manner, I must confess that mine is focused around one simple activity right now: obsessing over my upcoming trip to RWA National Conference in Orlando. But it isn’t just the conference itself that has me in a tizzy. I have much more to worry about than that!

1. My plane leaves on Wednesday!
This might not seem like a big deal to anyone else (after all, I still have 2 days before I have to actually enter an airport), but since I’m afraid of flying, I start to worry about it way ahead of time. More experience flying has taught me some ways of calming these fears, but it still niggles in the back of my mind. And since I usually only fly once a year, I have to remind myself of these strategies with more frequency than if I flew all the time and they became second nature to me.

2. I have to pack!
Yep, I sure do and though I prefer not to be up packing at midnight the night before I leave, chances are, that’s where you’ll find me. But I try to plan ahead. I’ve been working on my packing list a little at a time for over a week (thanks, SP!), I’ve tried on clothes when I had time, and done copious amounts of laundry. Speaking of which…

3. Laundry needs to be done!
Don’t you hate it when you get all the colored clothes washed, then find that one light blue shirt that you need… still dirty?!?! Now what will I wash it with? Do I have time for another load? Is it worth the hassle? Sigh. If bosses in Corporate America only acknowledged the organizational skills it takes to wash and pack clothing for a trip, it would be on my resume in bold letters.

But it isn’t just my laundry that needs to be done. I try to get everyone else’s washed along with mine, because I don’t like to leave my family behind with more tasks than absolutely necessary. Which leads me to…

4. Do we have enough frozen dinners?
If you’ve been reading long enough, you’ll recognize the control freak in me rearing its ugly head. Couple that with my particular psychosis and the results sound like this, “I feel guilty about being gone for a week and leaving other people to deal with my (jobs, chores, tasks, etc), so I need to do as much as possible before I leave to make it as easy as possible for that person while I’m gone…” Not pretty, I know, but if stocking the freezer with frozen foods, leaving behind lists, and washing everyone’s laundry before I go makes me feel better about stepping onto that plane, then that’s what I’ll do. (Don’t hate me because I’m obsessive.) ;) Unfortunately, it also makes my To Do list double, so yes, I stress over time too.

5. Will everything fit in my suitcase?
Back to packing for a moment… do you know how hard it is to get all your conference stuff into a suitcase at less than 50 pounds? I’d really like to head down there with only one suitcase and a carry on, though I know I’ll come back with an extra duffle bag. But at $30 a pop, I’m hoping to take it down for less. But when you end up packing at midnight…

Okay, I think that’s enough obsessiveness for today. So tell us, what are you obsessing about these days? What thing do you always tell yourself you won’t do before a trip (like pack at midnight) that you always end up doing?



Katherine Bone said...

You'll get everything done, Angel. You always do!

I usually obsess about cleaning the house before I go anywhere. I leave tomorrow and I still haven't packed yet. Just narrowed down my wardrobe yesterday with the help of #2 and #4 who had me parade my outfits before them (one got the ax).

Still doing laundry. Gotta get that done.

The DH is great about cooking while I'm gone so I've never had to worry about that, thank goodness. Plus, #4 is home and can help, if need be.

Cheryl said...

Good luck at Conference Angel! Hope all the playfriends have a wonderful time!

Playground Monitor said...

Clothes are in the suitcase. The only things left to add are the makeup bag and curling iron. I have to swap out my purse for a smaller one. I have some administrative details to attend to, but I think I'm pretty ready. Oh wait... I need to practice my pitch. Eeep!

Problem Child said...

Only a few things on the to-do list today, and most of them are very manageable.

The "write 15k words" is a little optimistic, though. ~snort~

Angel said...

I'm finishing up details at work this morning, and it is taking twice as long as normal because of the tips I had put on my nails. I can type, but in a different way than I normally type, so I make a lot of mistakes. :) If I can get that finished, then I can go forward with my obsessiveness today!


catslady said...

I'm better off packing at the last minute - the more time I have, the more I add which is never a good thing lol. Lists, I make lots of lists too. Have fun at the conference!

Liza said...

Clothes are neat the suitcase. At work right now, so I'll go into packing overdrive when I get home. Must work in a run either tonight or in the morning before my flight too.

gigi said...

Good luck Angel!
Like you I like to leave the house in order for the family.

As far as the flying, by leaving on a Wednesday there shouldn't be as high a chance of having children on the flight. I found out really quick that having irritable , hyper active kids sitting behind you on a flight can almost promise you a killer headache by the time you land.

Have fun in Orlando.

Angel said...

I have a feeling that kids on the flight won't be a huge deal. Many authors from 2 of the Alabama chapters are flying out from the same airports on Tuesday and Wednesday and there is only 1 flight per day... so I'll know half the people on my flight. :) And none of us are taking family.

Got the last of my errands run today. I'm starting to feel a little calmer. Must clean some, finish laundry, and make lists for sitter and hubby (yes, I'm uptight that way--what is they don't know the frozen pizza is in the big freezer?). I'm starting to feel like I might not have to pack at midnight before I leave. :)


Sarina said...

I think your husband needs a good dose of Mr. Mom. Let him worry about clean clothes and what to feed them. As long as you make lists, do laundry and fill the freezer, you enable his behavior.

Just my 2 cents worth.