Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bags are packed and I'm ready to go...

Depending on when you're reading this, I may be gone already.

Although the conference doesn't officially start until Thursday, my conference starts tomorrow at 10 am. Tonight I'll be figuring out the hotel (so I can report back to the Playfriends) and having dinner with my Fabu CP. Drinks in the bar may also be on the agenda.

I leave behind a book that needs to be written, a child that needs to be packed for camp, a house that still needs work done (round two with the kitchen floors just for starters), PTA paperwork, the gerbils, and figuring out what's for dinner.

For the next 5 1/2 days, I'm Kimberly Lang, Harlequin Author, with all the glam and excitement I can possibly pack into that. I will wear cute clothes and shoes. I will wear makeup every day. Hopefully, someone will tell me "I love your books." I'll mingle and mix with the biggest stars in Romancelandia and meet the newest and upcoming. I'll give workshops where people think I have something interesting to say.

People will bring me food and make my bed. No one will ask me to find their socks or the remote or tell me how bored they are. Everyone will want to talk writing and the ups and downs of this business. No one will ask me when I'm going to write a 'real book' instead of those "trashy romances.' There are no Hannah Montana rerun marathons at RWA, and for that, I'm very grateful.

And on Sunday, I'll come home to the people who love me and think I'm fabulous the other 359 1/2 days of the year (if for no other reason than I know where the socks are and where the remotes hide). Hello t-shirts and yoga pants and optional hygiene.

Maybe Hannah Montana has a point with that "Best of Both Worlds" thing.

(Dear dog, I just quoted Hannah Montana. I really need this break...)


Out of curiosity, where's the strangest place you've ever found the remote...?


Maven Linda said...

Our remotes don't wander. They all received stern warnings when they entered the house.

LA said...

I just found a remote that had been missing for FIVE years! Long story and not that interesting...but it was in a dresser drawer. It had been put there for safe keeping! LOL!

Angel said...

Um, the bathroom. One of the kids had it in their hand when they went in there, but didn't bring it back out... for which I'm slightly grateful (after i found it) because though I'm not as germaphobic as PC, the thought is still a little icky. Needless to say, the Lysol made an appearance. :)


PS Have a safe flight! See you tomorrow!

Playground Monitor said...

No where crazy, but just the usual like under the sofa, down in the side of a recliner and on the kitchen counter.

Hold down the fort til the rest of the troops arrive!

P.S. Verification word is packli as in "I've been a packli mood all week getting ready for the conference."

robertsonreads said...

I hope you ladies have a wonderful time. Please travel safe.
Strangest place for the remote - under my bed covers.

word verification - steagshe

steagshe do the laundry or not?

catslady said...

I can't beat 5 years but I lost one for 3 or 4 months once. Of course we had to go and buy a new one. I found it on top of some canned goods in my pantry lol.