Friday, July 02, 2010

Fireworks and Films

Happy 4th of July weekend!

I'm celebrating this great American holiday the traditional way - I'm taking off work, shopping and going to a movie. What? Expecting BBQs and fireworks? Not in my world. I'm an indoor girl and I have a well-established aversion to handheld explosives, unlike my neighbors. As it is, I've eyed the pawn shop by my house a few times in consideration of purchasing a firearm to peg off the pests that started blowing up stuff a week ago. I'm all for fireworks on the holiday, although I prefer the big, expensive ones set off by pyrotechnic professionals. I expect and endorse it on the day. I keep my neurotic dog by my side all night and all is well. But they'll be at it until July 10th. And apparently the best time to set them off is 11:30 PM on a Wednesday night.

Anyway, so shopping and a movie. As expected, I'm off to see the new Twilight: Eclipse. I didn't have the nerve or enthusiasm to go to the midnight shows or to take off early to see it any sooner. The mania has long waned, so today is soon enough for me. I'm excited because this was my favorite book of the series. Its being panned by critics and intellectual types, of course, but that won't stop it from demolishing box office records. I find that the more awful the reviews, the better I like a movie. I don't exactly go to the theater expecting some sort of life-changing experience or social commentary. I just want to be entertained for two hours.

So, how are you celebrating the holiday? Will you be going to see Eclipse with all the teenagers? (Thank goodness for our 21 and older seating at the local theater.) Do you have a favorite movie that was just ripped apart by the critics, but you love it anyway? Share! I'd love to pick up a few new guilty pleasures for my movie collection.



Cheryl said...

I will be sitting at home guarding my animals from rednecks with bottle rockets. I don't understand the thrill of shooting them at horses in the pasture. I do, however, understand the thrill of walking up to them and explaining that I have, uh hum, a bigger explosive device if they don't leave. Just kidding... Really.

I loved the first "Dune", released way back when. Kinda campy and the critics tore it up but I still like it because that was the first time I ever saw Patrick Stewart (sigh).

Playground Monitor said...

Just last night a friend and I firmed up plans to go to the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival tomorrow night. They are performing "The Two Gentlement from Verona (Tennessee)." Here's what the website says: This is not your Grandmother's Shakespeare--this summer's production will be set not in Verona, Italy, but in Verona, Tennessee, circa 1960, and our two gentlemen, Valentine and Proteus, are up-and-coming country and western singers, who make the move to a Milan that bears an odd resemblance to a well-know music capital of the South...

Original music will enliven this audacious and sassy retelling of Shakespeare's tale of love and friendship, set in a bygone and rowdy era of rhinestones and rockabilly.

Should be a hoot!

::sigh:: I heard fireworks last night near my apartments.

Stephanie said...

I saw the new Twilight movie yesterday with the teenagers and children, really there was a 4 year old sitting in front of me and an eight year old behind me.

I think it was the best Twilight movie yet. Of course, I am prejudice since it had more of Jasper and his story.

SP- Please, let us know what you think after you see it.

I am going to do some shopping over the holiday weekend. I am going to the Summitt in B'ham to day to look for a few things for conference.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I have bad luck with critically acclaimed movies. I remember one year when we ordered all the Oscar Best Picture nominees. It wasn't pretty. A two or three star movie is usually more entertaining. And I have to admit, Maven Linda and I watched Fired Up TWICE on one of our working trips. One star, not a great movie, but we laughed like hyenas.

Sadly, my holiday weekend will start with a funeral. :-/

Jean said...

Two of my very favorite old movies are Point Break (Patrick Swayze) and Black Widow (Debra Winger). Though I own them, if I run across them on television, I can't walk away.

Problem Child said...

So am I a critic or an intellectual type? :-)

I will probably be up to my ears in house projects over the weekend -- again. Ugh.

Angel said...

I'm the same way! If the critics hate it, then its usually the movie for me. Unfortunately, I'll be working tomorrow, shovelling ribs and pork out the window to ravenous customers. But then we'll have a restful holiday on the actual 4th (except someone will probably force me to cook).

I hope to score some time alone while the hubby is off for the holiday. I don't know how much more togetherness I can take!


catslady said...

My daughter's boyfriend and friends put on their own display of illegal fireworks lol. PA is pretty strick but they are all adults and we had a great time last year doing the same. There's more excitement I guess when you think you can get hit by one of those rockets lol. I've enjoyed watching the big ones in Pgh. but the traffic and parking is really too much.

I'm waiting for Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio to come out in July.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the rednecks, alcohol and explosive devices...not a great situation...Took my girls to see the midnight showing of Eclipse and loved every minute of it! I plan a mommy day of going back to see it in IMAX...hehe! As for the holiday, I have to work part of the afternoon, but will be home to enjoy the evening with my kids...hubby has to work that night(boo!)

Sheryl M