Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Have Liftoff!

The past two weeks we've given you a "Countdown to Conference" with tips on preparing for and surviving the RWA National Conference.

Today, the clock has counted down, we gone through the mandatory holds at various intervals and we're ready for liftoff.

I'm packed. I have a new manicure and pedicure. I've checked in online for my flight. My passport, ticket information and transportation reservation are in my backpack. I'm riding to the airport with several of the Playfriends and Angel's sister.

I'm ready (I think) for my editor pitch. Think of me at 4:30 Eastern time on Friday. I've picked out the workshops I want to attend, though that's always up for negotiation. I have some times scheduled to get with friends for drinks or coffee (I'll be having my usual virgin version of some sort of margarita or daiquiri). I have writing friends I see once a year at this conference and I so look forward to the social aspects of the trip. And after the year I've had, I need to refill the well and be amidst kindred writing souls and maybe even cry into a virgin margarita or two.

PC will have her netbook and Instigator will have her laptop so we'll try to pop in during the week and keep you updated on things (like the results of the National Readers' Choice Awards). You'll be able to follow the Golden Heart and Rita ceremony on the RWA website. They'll be updating real-time with results.

If we don't post often, or even at all, it isn't that we don't love all of you. We're out there learning new things, meeting new folks to interview and have as guest bloggers and collecting books and goodies to give away as prizes over the next year.

Stay tuned next week because we'll be reporting back on the conference. We have a pretty large contingent from Heart of Dixie attending and many of them have blogs too. It's always fun to read about other people's experiences.

Stay cool! I'll see you when I return if not before.


Cheryl said...

Good luck PM! I will light a candle for you on Friday! You will do fabulously! Have fun and enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

robertsonreads said...

May all you ladies have safe travel and a LOT of fun. We will be here when you get back.

gigi said...

Good Luck and have loads of fun.
Take plenty of pictures.