Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mardi Gras in Ohio?

I’m leaving today for the Romantic Times Book Lovers’ Convention in Columbus, OH.

Now, I’m not some conference newbie; I’ve done five RWA conferences and survived them all (albeit with minor injuries). But RT is a whole different animal. Maven Linda described it as Mardi Gras.

The fact I’m having to pack costumes might prove her statement correct.

I’m only doing one panel and the booksigning, so I’ll have a lot of free time to explore the conference and experience everything. That’s a nice feeling – not being overbooked for the week – but I’m also left wondering what am I going to do? (Because if I don’t know what I’ll be doing, how will I know I have the appropriate outfit with me to do it in? )

But where RWA is a writers’ conference, RT is a readers’ conference. The focus is different, so the activities are different. There’s a Fairy Ball, a Vampire Ball, the Mr. Romance contest, dance parties, ice cream socials, a tea party… Wow.

It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it – even if I’m a little unsure of what all it entails. At least I’ll know a lot of people there and I’m looking forward to catching up with some friends.

If you’re headed to RT, let me know and look me up when you get there. We’ll have a drink. If you’re in the area, consider coming to the booksigning – again, find me and say hi. We’ll go have a drink. ~g~

I’ll take lots of pictures and post them with a run-down after I get back.

So who’s going to RT? Anyone been before? For our readers, what kind of reader events do you enjoy?



Linda Winstead Jones said...

Lori and I have been to a couple. Memorable moments: We're walking down the hall, a handsome, long-haired cover model is walking towards us. He smiles. I trip over, well, NOTHING but my own two feet and stumble along. {{sigh}} So embarrassing. I did meet a lot of very cool readers, which almost made up for the mortification. :-)

Playground Monitor said...

I haven't been, but I've heard about the Mr. Romance contest. All those cover model types under one roof.

Angel said...

This sounds right up your alley, since you spend most of Nationals in the bar. :) Seriously, you'll have a lot of fun and get plenty of time to catch up with writers and readers.

Just think, you are the canary down the mine shaft! We're sending you out to scope this out for us, so that when we finally get to go, you can tell us exactly what we need to take/do/wear. I'll admit, all those social events make me want to break out in hives. Give me the structure of a workshop any day, because then I know what to do and say. Make me "mingle" and I start to hyperventilate.


Instigator said...

RT intrigues me. I haven't ever gone but I think I'd enjoy it. Just no one tell Zilla about the Mr. Romance contest. :-)


Liza said...

RWA in Nashville will be my first conference. Might have to look into RT for next year.

Jane said...

Have fun. I've never been to RT or any readers conference, but do hope I'll eventually get to attend one.

Smarty Pants said...

I find it amusing that the one of us that enjoys dressing up the least is the one at RT. If I ever sell paranormal, I'll have to go. What fun.

Kathy said...

Have lots of fun, PC!