Saturday, April 03, 2010

April Website News!

Lots going on this month on the Playground. I've interviewed this year's guest speaker for our local chapter's Romance Readers' Luncheon, historical and contemporary romance author Julia London!

Instigator teaches us about revisions in school this month in You Thought You Were Done?.

I've reviewed erotic author Beth Kery's new book, Release. Check out this new-to-me author.

This is the last month in Smarty Pants's Spring Fling contest, so if you haven't entered, don't forget to do that!

The Playfriends will be appearing at Heart of Dixie's 13th annual Romance Readers Luncheon (guest speaker Julia London) in Huntsville, AL, on May 15th! Deadline for registration for this wonderful gathering of romance readers and writers is May 1st. Y'all join us!

We hope you are all enjoying spring in your little corner of the world. My Bradford pear trees have started blooming and we had the lawn mowed for the first time already. No more snow! Yay! :)

Until next month,

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