Friday, April 09, 2010

Free Book Friday - Suspense Edition

Okay, this month, we're showcasing two great suspense titles on my giveaway shelf. I have to say that some of my favorite books have been suspense. Not always romantic suspense, but suspense, definitely. I think I've read every Mary Higgins Clark book ever written up through about 2000. I went on a bender in college and wiped out all the copies at the used bookstore. I've read my share of Agatha Christie and when I get bored, there's nothing better than an episode of Murder She Wrote or a Perry Mason movie.

No One Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane

Burdened by Grief, She Hunts a Killer

They never found her sister's body, but Detective Rebecca Montgomery knows her murderer is still out there. In the five months since Danielle went missing, there have been two more brutal abductions. A savage menace stalks the women of San Antonio, and the relentless detective will do anything to find him.

And a Seductive Stranger Shadows Her Every Move

But her latest case--the discovery of a young woman's remains inside the wall of a burned-down theater--plunges Rebecca from her grief into a brand-new nightmare. She soon meets handsome, mysterious Diego Galvan at the crime scene, and his shadowy connections will lead to her first break in both cases. But when Rebecca submits to his considerable powers of seduction, she will leave herself vulnerable to a merciless killer . . . and when he attacks, no one will hear her scream.

The Inquisitor by Gayle Wilson

An expert in the art of killing

The serial murderer dubbed the Inquisitor has already killed over a dozen women in various cities, and the authorities haven't a clue to his identity. He is organized, methodical and certain to kill again. And now he's set his sights on Birmingham psychologist Jenna Kincaid.

Convinced that the Inquisitor killed his only sister, ex-army Ranger Sean Murphy has been hunting for him with one thing in mind: revenge. If his instincts are right, Jenn Kincaid will lead him to his prey.

But Jenna has gotten to Sean in a way that no one has in a very long time. And now he's desperate to keep her safe -- because the madman is taking a terrifying pleasure in the game unfolding. And if the killer wins, it's Jenn who will pay the ultimate price . . .

To enter, be sure to include the comment "Danger is my cup of tea."

Tomorrow is also our Playground Monitor's birthday. Happy Birthday PM!


susanwilson44 said...

Danger is my cup of tea!

Why does this sound like something Jessica would say in Murder She Wrote?!!!!

Love it!!

CracklinRosie said...

Danger is my cup of tea!!!!!!

denise said...

Happy Early Birthday!!
These books sound great.
Danger is my cup of tea!!

Laurie said...

"Danger is my cup of tea."

WOW ... both of these books sound great. I haven't read too many books set in San Antonio. Diego sounds quite intriguing!

Gayle Wilson I've enjoyed her historicals. I'm going to look into her suspense books too.

CrystalGB said...

Danger is my cup of tea. The books sound good.

Problem Child said...

AC and Lil' Sis should love this entry requirement!

(At Epcot, there's a Kim Possible Mission where the kids go on, well, a Kim Possible mission. One of the things they had to do to get the next clue was go into the tea shop, find an employee, and tell them, "Danger is my cup of tea." It was so cute!)

Playground Monitor said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes. The celebrating starts today with lunch at the Botannical Garden and a stroll through the pollen. That's about all the danger I can handle right now.


Virginia said...

Danger is my cup of tea!

I love a good suspense book! There is just nothing like that edge of your seat feeling!

chey said...

Danger is my cup of tea The books sound great.
Happy Birthday PM!

catslady said...

Danger is my cup of tea!!!! I started out reading horror/suspense and still enjoy it (stephen king especially) but romantic suspense is also a great genre. These books sound great!

donnas said...

Danger is my cup of tea.

Happy Birthday PM!!

tetewa said...

Danger is my cuo of tea! These both would be new authors for me!

Jane said...

Danger is my cup of tea. I'm a big mystery and romantic suspense fan. Agatha Christie and PD James are favorites of mine.

Happy Birthday, PM.

mariska said...

Wow, 'Danger is my cup of tea'.

both are a new for me Authors !

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy birthday, PM! I love April babies...

No need to enter me, gals. I'm dropping in to say a huge thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted for you at Win a Book.

Margie said...

Danger is my cup of tea!
These books sound exciting!
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

Christine said...

Danger is my cup of tea.

Both books sound great!

Happy Birthday!

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Danger is my cup of tea!

I'm also a huge fan of suspense books too!

Thanks the cool giveaway!

Virginia said...

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PM may you have many more!

baileythebookworm said...

Danger is my cup of tea!
Sign me up. :)

baileythebookworm at gmail dot com

Minna said...

Danger is my cup of tea."

Carol M said...

Danger is my cup of tea.

I love mystery and suspense! These are two of my favorite authors!

robynl said...

Danger is my cup of tea! I love hot stories and tea, lol.

Great sounding books.

Please enter me and thanks.