Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's like Christmas... In Hell

Well, we’re in the new house. Barely. Everything is still in boxes, which makes it so much fun to try to find anything. I’m sure you all can relate… :-)

And, of course, when it rains it pours. Since I’m having trouble finding anything, of course this is the time when I need to be able to find stuff.

The luncheon is coming up, so Angel needs books for the raffle baskets. Let’s see, my books are in which box? And where are my “Autographed Copy” stickers? A sharpie to sign them with?

On Wednesday, Instigator and I are going to be on TV talking about romance and some of our chapter’s upcoming events. Um, where are my red shoes? My nail file? (My nails look like crap from opening boxes…)

On Thursday, Insti and I (and Lynn and Maven LJ) speak at the Alabama Library Association meeting. I need bookmarks! My little rolly cart to haul the folders into the meeting! And, oh, crap, I still need to write my remarks.

Then, at the end of the month, Lynn and I go to the Romantic Times convention for the first time. This trip involves costumes! Promo items! Cute outfits with matching jewelry! I know where none of these things are, of course.

Then there’s the luncheon… with the added bonus of another workshop the very next day. If I can manage to put together one decent outfit – including shoes and accessories – do you think anyone would notice if I just wore that for everything?

And Nationals is right around the corner. Please tell me we’ll be settled in by July.


As I sort through box after box, I find myself swearing I’ll never move again. Ever. It’s a good thing I like this house. And I do. Really. I have my own office – which is fabulous, even if it is currently a mess. We have so much more space than we used to. I can actually have guests spend the night without them having to either crash on the couch or in AC’s room with the gerbils. (Or I will, at least, once I get furniture for that room…) I’m looking forward to painting the walls and stripping the wallpaper and buying new curtains and making this a home. (Once I find the box with the painting supplies in it…)

So another sigh. But a happy one this time.

It’s funny that Angel blogged yesterday about trying to be Superwoman. I’m not attempting that right now. And I don't think anyone expects me to. While it’s nice to not have that kind of pressure, I’m not sure I like the Survival Mode trade-off of camping indoors and playing “what’s in this box?”

So, if *you* had to guess, what would the box containing bookmarks and other writing promo be labeled as? Because it sure ain’t labeled BOOKMARKS AND WRITING PROMO…


Smarty Pants said...

My guess? PC's Office Stuff.

Smarty Pants said...

Oh, and as for moving... I've always thought that Hell would be customized. My Hell would involve me having to pack and move every day for eternity without moving men. Just me, a sea of cardboard boxes, a tape gun and a rundown old UHaul truck. For eternity.

I always say I'll never move again, but I always do. I think this next one might be the one. Got 4 or 5 years to decide what I want for LIFE. Difficult choices.

Playground Monitor said...


Stay focused on the nice, new, big house you have.

And my guess would be "Kim's Office." Or "K's Office."

Instigator said...

Yep, office stuff would be my guess.

You know, the actual moving part sucks but the being in a new, bigger, better house is always fun. This is probably why I will never move though. I may end up knocking down a few more walls and temporarily shoving everything into another room but I refuse to go through the moving process again.

Instigator - who will probably end up eating her words at some point over the next 40 years.

Maven Linda said...

When all else fails, look in "Miscellaneous."

Moving is good for one thing: clearing out the junk.

Sherry Werth said...

It's been 14 years since I moved and it was from GA to AL. The only move I will make now is the one that involves a bigger, newer house but hopefully in the same area. Then I will just grin and open another box and have lots and lots of room to store stuff. As you can tell it's been awhile so I have forgot what a pain in the arse it really was. :-D

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I'm a moving pro. But only when the government sends a team of packers and lifters to do the work for me. :) The one time hubby and I moved ourselves across town, we hated it. And then I got roped into helping my parents move across town once. OMG. Never, ever again.

I absolutely hate it when the boxes are everywhere and you don't know where to put a thing. The one time I had the movers unpack my stuff, I learned what a big mistake that was. It's much worse to have things on every surface than to have boxes to go through.

Like everyone else, I'd guess "office stuff".

Kathy said...

Could it be under PROMO? ;)

Problem Child said...

Ah, you were all wrong... the box was Unmarked. I'm such a clever cookie... sigh.

Spent the day stripping wallpaper and painting my office to see if I like the color... This part I kinda like!

word verif: pleset. Yes, it pleset me to paint my walls.