Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacations All Around

Just two days ago PC talked about her annual trek to the UK. Now it's my turn to talk about my first visit to Toronto. At the moment I am no doubt tired from the 4 AM wake-up call yesterday morning. But I'm also excited because I have several fun days planned! I'm going to get to spend time with my editor, tour the Harlequin offices, go on a tree walking tour and probably find my ass cold and wet when I kayak for the first time. I can't wait! And you know I'll have stories and pictures to tell when I get home. (And since Queen Rhonda is traveling with me... At least there will be no horses. :-)).

However, it's the planning that's killing me now. I say this as I stare at my half packed suitcase, the labeled baggies for toiletries I have to fill at 4 AM when I'm bleary eyed and grumpy. And the lists of things for when I'm gone.

I know. I said the word list. And normally I wouldn't bother. Zilla is amazing at being single dad! He is the best dad on the planet - and both Sweet Pea and Baby Girl will back up that statement. But...this is the last week of school. And I normally handle all of this stuff. They both have programs - different days - that need to be attended by a parent (at 11 AM). Baby Girl must be dressed in Sunday clothes. She doesn't need a lunch or snack because they're having a party. But Sweet Pea does - both days. Sweet Pea goes one day longer than Baby Girl. Throw a field trip to the park in the middle of all this - and literally in the middle of Baby Girl's program - and it would be enough for me to pull my hair out if I were here. I'm panicking and I don't even have to deal with all of it. Oh, and don't forget the teacher presents!! I worked hard to have them ready before I left.

It's just a lot of details that I normally handle. So...if you see a wandering man with a list mumbling something about lunches and dresses, be kind to my baby. He's amazing and just needs a little help. I'll see everyone next week.



Problem Child said...

Zilla will do fine. I have confidence in him. :-)

Other than the very early start, I'm sure your trip to Toronto will be fantastic. We'll have all the news from two Harl offices to share!

Playground Monitor said...

I don't envy you the kayak trip -- brrrrrr -- but have fun walking in the trees. Just remember to put your helmet on straight. ::grin::

Have a wonderful time and we expect a report and photos when you return.

Christine said...

Have fun with all the Canucks! Don't worry about the events--your hubby will rise to the occasion.

Safe Travels.

M.V.Freeman said...

Oooh, looks like you will have lots of fun! Take pictures! I think the kayak trip does sound like fun..

And two thumbs up to your husband, he'll do GREAT!

Liza said...

Zilla will do great! Hope you have an safe and fun trip!

Smarty Pants said...

Zilla will cope better than most, I'm sure.

Hope you have fun. Kayaking can be fun. I don't like getting in and out of the thing, but the actual kayaking is neat.

Angel said...

Sounds like a fun trip all around. We want to hear all about it when you come home. Wow! The playground is starting to feel a little empty. Sniff, sniff.


Caffey said...

I think I'm a couple hours from Toronto and just been there once. I would love to visit again to really see all I'm missing! You have a great time! Take extra money to buy those things you end up forgetting to pack, LOL