Monday, May 11, 2009

Up All Night

I gave myself an unusual Mother’s Day gift this year. Not that my husband hadn’t been more than generous. On Saturday, he kept kid #2 for Drama Queen and I to go get our nails done with my sister and her daughter. Then I did some clothes/shoes shopping (stocked up on some Yellow Box and Tevas flip flops on sale! An obsession he totally doesn’t understand.). Then joined the Playfriends for some birthday action and the new Wolverine movie (Hugh is HOT!).

But my gift to myself came later that night. I got home at 11:30, after even the hubby was in bed. I figured I’d just chill for a few minutes and then go on to bed. So I picked up my copy of J.R. Ward’s new Brotherhood of the Dagger book, Lover Avenged, and started a few chapters. And read. And read. And read.

Little Man woke up around 4 am. Got him back to bed. Well, it was already turning light outside, so I might as well just keep reading. I started the 500+ book at midnight and finished it at 8:30pm.

Now, I’ve been known to read until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, but never all night. Here’s the thing: there were no interruptions. There was a comforting silence. No one asked me for anything. No one talked to me while I was trying to read (a pet peeve of mine). No one asked questions or turned on the television. Just me and the characters on the page. It was SO peaceful.

I did continue to read on and off all day. We had a late lunch with the hubby’s family, and I fit in a 2.5 hour nap directly after. I didn't check email or even walk into the study. My total accomplishment for the day: handing out Mother’s Day gifts and putting 1 child to bed. Oh, and I did shower. :) I was asleep as soon as I finished the book and lay over on the couch to watch television.

I just don’t have lazy days like that. There’s too much to do around here, and too many other things I really want to do. But every so often, it pays to stay up all night.

So tell me, how did you spend your weekend? Any good Mother’s Day gifts (given or received)? Any book you've stayed up all night (or most of it) to read?



Problem Child said...

I spent Mother's Day locked in my office working on the book. It is what I asked for, and I'm thankful for it.

I stayed up late last night. There's a nap in my future today...

Playground Monitor said...

I spent part of Mother's Day nursing my husband who has a nasty infection in his leg and the other part shopping for my Mother's Day gift from him. Because of his leg (he was on crutches for a while) he wasn't able to shop. I wanted a sports watch so I went to Target and found me one. Other than that, we watched a lot of TV (anyone else upset that Annie Duke didn't win Celebrity Apprentice?).

I've stayed up all night to read a couple of Roxanne St. Claire's books.

Christine said...

I went to the Hugh Jackman movie yesterday--gosh is he beautiful!! And he was gloriously naked for a good bit as well--truly a gift indeed.

Reading all night long hasn't happened here in a long time. Just now getting my energy back. But I am enjoying Vickie Lewis Thompson's book tremendously.

PM: sorry about your husband's infection. Mine had a bad one a few years ago and it laid him up for a month. Bacterias are nasty critters and hard to eliminate. I hope your man feels better soon!!

flchen1 said...

Your day sounds glorious :) I didn't do a ton of reading on Mother's Day, but my husband did arrange for us all to enjoy a yummy brunch out. And he fixed my e-mail (which hadn't been working for a couple days). The kids had a stack of handmade stuff from school to share with me, so I was enjoying my "special day" (as they put it) :)

Angel said...

PC-I hope you got lots accomplished and the book is finally cooperating.

PM-I didn't even realize Annie Duke was on CA until I saw a commercial the other day. Love her! Hope the hubby gets better soon.

Christine-- Yes, the naked waterfall jump was quite impressive. Just wish it had been a little closer up. :)

flchen1 -- sounds like you had a nice, relaxing day. Yes, my kids brought home some school-made goods this week too. My youngest planted me a flower, the oldest made a finger bowl out of clay. I love that kind of thing!


Christine said...

Angel: if the camera had only zoomed in or--when he was in the barn--just a smidgeon of a peek at more than his gorgeous and muscular thighs would have been much appreciated.

My daughter was laughing at me throughout the entire movie--

Instigator said...

I spent the day in bed working on the book. Like PC, it's exactly what I asked for. I did squeeze a nap in there as well though. I enjoyed the crafts both girls made me and the carnation Sweet Pea brought me back from church. So sweet. Though is it bad of me that I'd have prefered she wait to give it to me until after I'd woken up from my nap?

PM, I hope DH is better soon!


Smarty Pants said...

Reading without interruptions is the best thing ever. When DB asks me a question or something, it really ruins it and puts me in a foul mood. I usually save reading for when he's at work. If it hadn't been for having to get up at dawn for work myself, I would've stayed up reading Twilight even longer than I did. As it was, I only left myself 5 hours of sleep a night until I'd finished the whole series.

Angel said...

Ah, yes, Christine, the barn scene... yum!

Why is it that children have no respect for someone who is asleep? I've tried and tried to teach my children that, and they know we have rules about not waking people up, but they do it anyway.

Ah, Twilight... 'nuff said.


M.V.Freeman said...

Angel, you deserved a day like that!

As for me, I was able to fit in two movies AND get my writing done. Sadly no reading.

Although Wolverine, and Spock were pretty much tripping through my dreams....

Now, I have read through the night, usually on a weekend. I've done it for Harry Potter. I have done it for J.R. Ward, Charlaine Harris, and a few others--I love that indulgence.

I hope you get another opportunity soon. :)

Virginia said...

I had to go get my mother in laws a her gift and take it to her. I didn't cook that day although hubby didn't like it, we went to Long Johns. It was kind of a bummer day but I did take a nap and get some reading done.

Laurie said...

Last night I stayed up and read Rachel Gibson's True Love & Other Diasters. She's funny and her characters are real!! Faith and Ty- odd combo great chemistry... The gold digger and the hockey star!

Loved it!

Misty Wright said...

I do this sometimes. Just last week I told hubby that I was off duty and he stopped the kids before they called to me. This was great. I'm like you, I don't get this often. :)