Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I thought vacations were for relaxing...

By the time you read this, I’ll be gone. (Clichéd but true.)

It’s time for the annual pilgrimage to the UK, where my job is to simply escort the Amazing Child to her grandparents for much spoiling. Yes, I get major Brownie points with my in-laws for doing so. She gets quality time with her Grannie and Gramps, and I get time to write, to read, to sleep, and to commune with nature. (That last bit is a joke. Do you know how cold it is in Scotland in June? I don’t like nature much anyway, much less when it’s cold, rainy, and windy.)

I’ve taken my newest revision letter from my lovely editor with me and I’ll try to get a jump start on those revisions in between stuffing my face with my m-i-l’s fabulous cooking and the wonderfulness that is British bacon. Next week, I’ll head down to London and not stuff my face during lunch with my lovely editor and get a tour of the London office of Mills and Boon. (I’ll take pictures and notes and fill y’all in when I return!)

I’ll miss my Geek and the Playfriends, but that’s kind of the way summer goes around here. Summer on the Playground should be time in the swings with cabana boys bringing us cold glasses of liquid refreshment. Alas, that is not to be. One of us is always headed somewhere – when there’s five of you, that’s a lot of scheduling to keep up with. Plus, we have four Playkids celebrating birthdays, two Playfriends birthdays, chapter meetings, etc, etc. There’s a good chance all five of us won’t be in one place together until we leave for the RWA conference in July – and even then, conference is so busy, we’re ships passing in the night most of the time there, too. Thank dog for email and our Yahoo group – otherwise, we’d never get to talk to each other!

Eventually, say around mid-August, the kids will go back to school, life will settle back down, and the Playfriends will be back to our routine. Mercy, that seems a long way away.

I remember when June and July were long, lazy days of doing not much of anything. Now it’s craziness and running around. Sigh.

What are your summer plans? Do you get the lazy relaxing days, or the crazy, run-til-you drop days?


Barbara Vey said...

My one wish is to visit Scotland someday, so I envy you.

As for summer, it's conference time and I have 9 planned from now until November. This includes a 3 week stint from NY to DC to San Diego in July. I'm excited.

Not to mention the annual RWA WP breakfast I get to attend. :)

M.V.Freeman said...

I do hope you have fun, despite the chilly weather! ;)

As for me...its just work and maybe a trip in July. *sigh*

Once again, I will live vicariously through everyone who goes to RWA. :)

Instigator said...

I can't wait for the breakfast, Barbara! :-)

As for my summer...I don't want to think about it. I am currently writing out my packing list which I'll need to actually pack tonight. I leave before the rooster crows tomorrow morning and won't be back until almost midnight on Sunday. And it's the last week of school so I'm trying to plan things out so that Zilla will have as easy a time as possible playing single dad. Details, details, details. Not my strength.


Angel said...

I'll have a mix, myself. Some crazy days, all clumped together. Then a few weeks of peace, especially the end of summer after conference. I'll have about 3 weeks between then and when the kids go back to school with no plans. Yippee!!!

Have fun! Enjoy being an "author" and having some down time too.


Playground Monitor said...

Breakfast with Barbara -- always a treat.

I'm not sure what my summer holds other than the RWA conference. But this Friday I do get to babysit the grandbaby because her daycare is closed. We're gonna have fun!

Smarty Pants said...

I'm sure I have downtime, but its sandwiched between major events, so it doesn't feel like it.

Run. Run. Run.

PM's Mother said...

Oh, how I envy your trip to Scotland. I have visited England, Cornwall and Ireland, but not Scotland.

There is a large Scottish community in the mountains of North Carolina and I am told that there it looks a lot like Scotland. I guess that will have to do for me.

Bon voyage!

Angel said...

Actually, PM's Mom, Scotland did remind me a lot of Tennessee, except the mountains were high and the land more lush and vibrant. But it was eerily similar. :)


Christine said...

Have a fabulous time in Scotland! And I just finished your first release--loved it. Can't wait to read more!!

We're always busy in the summer--last year was insane due to the move. This year we'll be a little less crazy, but not by much. People visiting, beds to make, and clean ups. And then there's our own travels. We head to DC (our former stomping grounds till last year) to see friends etc, and then I go to my first RWA National conference (woot!) (and M.V. You will go to the next one in Nashville!! With your PRO pin!!)

DD had summer school to complete a "required elective" but as much as I dread driving again in a week, I am grateful for the two weeks where she is gone 8AM-4PM--writing time!!

Safe travels and happy summer to all!