Friday, May 22, 2009

Totally Awesome!

Well, my birthday party was a blast. It was nowhere near the production I made of my mother's party, so the biggest stress was getting my house cleaned for guests. It turned out great. I was very happy to have everyone get into the spirit. We had the neon colors, the loud music, the toys, and a solid dose of nostalgia. The cake was a 4 tiered masterpiece of campiness that I made myself. We even had theme drinks - good ol' Bartles and James wine coolers, jello shots, and shots of Purple Rain and Smurf...uh...Juice.

The boys played Rock Band, we tried out our skills at some Totally 80's Trivia, and did a little dancing to my new spinning disco lights.

Here's a few of us in our rad ensembles. Check out the details - the denim skirts, the legwarmers, the torn shirts, the animal prints. And of course, the hair.

The boys rocking out to some 80's favorites. Who knew that Don Johnson, a yuppie, a fratboy and the lost member of Run DMC would one day form a band? Thank goodness no one has a picture (I think) of me and Instigator drunkenly bellowing "Eye of the Tiger" at the top of our lungs.

My birthday cake (the most awesomest cake ev-ah). The bottom tier was white sour cream cake with strawberry filling. The two middle tiers were chocolate cake with chocolate chip mousse. The top tier was made out of rice treats. It took forever to make, but it turned out pretty darn cool if you ask me.

I spent most of Sunday cleaning or napping in a vodka induced stupor while feeding DB soda crackers and gatorade. He overdid it a touch. :) Who knew partying like it was 1985 was so hazardous? Overall it was a success, although I've been put on restriction - no more themed costume type parties for the foreseeable future. Apparently hot pink plastic jewelry is unnecessarily expensive. I know I spent a small fortune at Claire's. Of course, some other friends asked me to put together a 70's themed shindig, so I may have a conflict there. I don't know much about the 70s though, not my favorite time. I'd much rather do the 60's myself. I have perfect hippie hair and I prefer the music. Maybe I'll just make my way through all the decades of this century.

What's your favorite decade? In addition to the 80's, we've done a roaring 20's party and a 50's sock hop so far. If you could throw a themed party, what would you have? I need ideas for future events. You all know how I plan parties to avoid my problem manuscripts...


Christine said...

I enjoyed the 80s as well, but I have to say I yearn for the late 70s and all the music I listened to in HS.

Would I dress like that again? Only for a party!

Happy 30th again!

Problem Child said...

It was an awesome cake -- yummy too!

Counselor Shelley has informed me my hair wasn't big enough. Sigh. I tried...

Instigator said...

But, PC, don't you get points for getting my hair so big? I mean, my hair doesn't do hair just does stick straight. I call it a miracle.

The party was awesome! So much fun. And the cake was so yummy.

My favorite decade was the 90s. I know, but I actually REMEMBER the 90s. Besides, costumes would be easy. Pull out some flannel from the back of the closet and you're set.

Instigator - Noooo. That wasn't me singing eye of the tiger. It was my evil twin. Yeah. That's it.

Caroline said...

Your cake looked awesome! As a teenager in the mid 80's - then I'll have to say the 80's was my era. I was a rocker - big into the heavy metal scene - my poor ears are suffering from it now I can tell you! I would love to dress like I did in the 80's. Leather trousers - Motorhead T-shirt, leather jacket. And I even had a motorbike! I still make the young ones at work jealous when I tell them who I've seen live at gigs! Ahhh the good 'ole (bad!) days. Ta care. Caroline x

Playground Monitor said...

I'm sorry I had to miss the party. :-( But I think a 70's party would be awesome. DISCO! Or a 1940s Big Band Era party would be cool too. Actually, many of today's fashions are reminiscent of the 40's.

I don't suppose you saved a piece of cake for me, did you?

Smarty Pants said...

Marilyn, if you want cake, I can bring you some. White with strawberry filling or chocolate with chocolate mousse filling?

Angel said...

Had an awesome night, and I think the DH had one too. It was fun to see him get so into the costumes and such. :)

Loved the cake! Loved it! SP, you plan an awesome party!


Smarty Pants said...

Marilyn, I'm telling you - a big USO party for your next major milestone! We could do it.

And yes, the disco party is already circulating in my head. Maybe next year for something.

Kathy said...

Your partay was awesome, SP! Both layers were yummy. Couldn't help myself, I had to try both. ;)

For the first time EVER, I had big hair. Who knew?

Disco, now we're talking. And, a USO party would be so cool. I'd love to wear 40's duds.

Lois said...

Happy Belated Birthday, and such a cool sounding party! :) Me, I'd love a Phantom of the Opera themed party. . . or a Darth Vader/Dark Side sort of theme (I mean, Jedi are all fine and dandy, but Vader, star destroyers and the like, way better). . . or a Regency/Jane Austen type of theme. . . or Star Trek (hmm, guess I'll go with TNG). . . and that's all I can think of. LOL Obviously I never had a theme party, so plenty of ideas that I can go with.


Virginia said...

Late 70's and early 80's these where my years. I love the music from these times and that what I listen to today!