Friday, May 01, 2009

Let the Chaos Begin

As you all know, the Playfriends are all very involved in our RWA chapter - Heart of Dixie. We love our chapter and do everything we can to make it successful. We hold board positions, do the website, the promo, chair events... we're just that way.

Today and tomorrow, however, are the biggest days in our chaper's calendar - our Annual Romance Reader's Luncheon. Every May, Heart of Dixie brings in a special guest speaker and a slew of other authors for an afternoon of romance, laughter, books and dessert. As the chapter Events Chairperson, I am not technically in charge of the luncheon, but I oversee the fabulous person who is and assist and guide as needed. This is my first year involved with the luncheon in this capacity and I have to admit I'm a little stressed about it. I much preferred when it fell squarely in PC's ballywick.

This year, the lovely Vicki Lewis Thompson is our guest speaker. We're all very excited to have Queen Vicki visiting us. We've been preparing for months to make this the best event possible for her and our 180-some attendees. Today is officially crunch time. Today, all the baskets Angel has been assembling for weeks must get taken to the conference center. All the promotional items and books must be schlepped. Goodie bags must be stuffed. Catering and setup confirmed for the 18th time. Author gifts and centerpieces arranged. Don't even ask me what I'm going to wear. Ack.

Once all that's done - everyone is off for dinner and a drink. Or three, as the case may require. :)

Most of us stay in the conference hotel so we can be there first thing in the AM to start setting up. It's chaos. Anarchy. But once its over and the stress is passed, I have to admit its also a heck of a lot of fun, too.

We hope you've got your tickets to join us tomorrow. We'll all be vanishing sometime this afternoon and won't surface until sometime late Saturday night. In the meantime, what author would you like to meet? You never know who might pop up at a future HOD luncheon...



Angel said...

I've picked out something to wear! :) And I'm very excited about meeting one of my fellow GH finalists tomorrow. Woohoo!!! I'm nervous about schlepping all these baskets. Here in the safety of my house, they're fine. Once I take them out into the world... whimper. I wonder how many times I'll have to yell, "Hold it from the bottom!"? Yes, they call me the "Basket Nazi" around here.

Off to exercise and start getting everything ready. Oops, I forgot I have to pack... and paint my nails... and... and...


Smarty Pants said...

I had to do all that last night. I updated the website, sat on the phone for 30 minutes for Disney Halloween tickets, tried on eight dresses and shoe combos, packed, unpacked, packed again, gathered up all the luncheon stuff I needed to bring, waxed my eyebrows, shaved my legs... I should be good to go. I think.

Wish it would stop raining, though. :( My dogs freaked out with the thunder this morning. Rightly so, it shook my house it was so close. I didn't get much sleep once I let them get into bed with me. Sigh... its like kids, although they don't usually lick your face while you're asleep. Usually.

Problem Child said...

I hope it stops raining before the schlepping begins -- although the Playfriends have excused me from most schlepping duties in pity for my poor broken toe.

For the love of dog, people -- PLEASE hold the baskets from the bottom. Angel gets very upset over this. (She also gets very upset if you have them in the back seat of your car and then slam on the brakes, sending it to the floorboards. Not that I ever did that, though. Nope.)

SP, why do you think I was so gleeful last year when I knew you were the new Event Chair!

Playground Monitor said...

Count me in with the chaotic crowd. I have to be ready to walk out the door in 45 minutes because I have an appointment in town. I live far enough away from the hotel I don't want to have to come back home for suitcases and stuff, so I'm taking it all now. If I forget anything... well, that's what the mall and Walmart are for, right?

Instigator said...

SP, the Luncheon will be perfect! Everything will be fine. Rain and swine flu not withstanding... (insert devil smiley here).

I love the luncheon. I love getting together with writers and readers who love the same things I do. Is it 3 yet?


P.S. I'm guest blogging at the sizzling pens today. Stop by and see me!

Liza said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful time this weekend. I'm going to save the date for next year's in advance. Wish I could be there this year, but already had tickets to an event at the Ryman before I saw the date.

housemouse88 said...

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Try not to stress too much. Relax Enjoy. LOL Have a great day.

M.V.Freeman said...

My first HOD luncheon was last year, and I loved it.

I look foward to helping again this year.

But there is one hitch...I have no idea what I am wearing.

As for which author I want to meet, does "all of them" count?

Anonymous said...

I hope you ladies have a wonderful time. I would like to meet you ladies, the Queens, Linda Howard, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and quite a few others.

Laurie said...

Have a wonderful time!!

I'd love to meet:
All OF YOU!!

Jill Shalvis, VLT, Susan Anderson, Rachel Gibson, Victoria Alexander, Sandra Brown, Nora Roberts, SEP, Suzanne Enoch, Julia London and Karen Hawkins

Anonymous said...

Susan Mallery! Or Robyn Carr or lots of others. LOL.

Have fun.

Pat L.