Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Schedule

Memorial Day weekend seems to be that quintessential kick-off to summer weekend, and around here it happens to coincide with the end of school this year. We finished up all our year-end activities by Friday, and I spent some time over the weekend going over my summer schedule.

Boy, is it a doozie! Little Man has swim lessons for two weeks, then the following week is Girl Scout Day camp. My mother will come up while I’m at Nationals and stay after I get home. I want to take the kids swimming each week and arrange play dates with their cousins. Add the time for my new diet and ongoing exercise regime.

Let’s not forget the writing projects I have going. I’m working on a proposal that isn’t cooperating at the moment and I’m signed up for a fast draft class that starts next Monday. My sole focus during that is finishing the single title I’m pitching at Nationals. (Did I mention I just started my packing list?)

I’m behind already, which gives me a claustrophobic feeling, almost as if I’m suffocating. And yet, I hope to still have those fun, everyday moments that come with the carefree days of summer. Hmmm… Unfortunately, I’ll probably blink and the summer will be over, just like the first half of the year has flown by.

I know the other Playfriends’ schedules are even more hectic than mine. How’s your summer looking? Any special plans? Plenty of lazy days?


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Author Pearl Wolf will be here on Wednesday.

We are currently suffering from a fit of nostalgia… 80’s nostalgia. As part of the madness, we’ve declared June 16th Big Hair Day on the blog. Send us pictures of your Texas Hair, your Mall Bangs, your poodle perm, or even that asymmetrical Flock of Seagulls hairstyle you wore so proudly! There will be competitions, bragging rights to be gained, prizes, and much amusement at what used to be so attractive. Send your photos to by June 10 if you want to play along!


Problem Child said...

My summer is already off to a roaring start! I think it will calm down around August :-)

AC is signed up for camp already -- now my only question is what I'm going to do with her when she's *not* at camp... She's not the laze-around-and-enjoy-the-peace kind of kid. (Don't know where she got that from...)

M.V.Freeman said...

Mine is the same way...I've got my kids in a week long Sci-Quest camp, but of course they are opposite weeks. *sigh*

I still have to work, and manage swim time, and library time (my favorite) with the kids. Plus, my mother's coming...*sigh* soo much.

As for lazy days...ask me AFTER I finish the "thing" I should have completed 6 plus months ago! --side bar it is ALMOST done. Really.

Writing is going to be relegated to when I can get to it! (and I WILL get to it)

I think I need a vacation...and the summer has only just begun.

Playground Monitor said...

I remember those days.

I'm watching the grandbaby the end of this week. I have a get-together of friends in Tennessee the end of next month where we'll talk a lot and also go to the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival. I have conference in July.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what my schedule will be.

Angel said...

Hey, PC! Hope you're having fun!

Don't you hate that when things aren't scheduled together, MV? Why couldn't DQ have GSCamp while Little Man has swim lessons? Oh well. Are you ready for the torture of Fast Draft? I'm not. :)