Thursday, April 09, 2009

Where'd That Apple Fall? - UPDATED

I've talked about my girls quite a bit over the last couple of years. I hope everyone knows by now that I'm very proud of both of them. They're very different but so strong in each of their own unique ways. However, Sweet Pea has recently taken up a hobby that has me scratching my head. Not because of the hobby itself, but rather the inclination that brought it on.

Recently she's been cooking. That's right, my seven year old has taken up cooking. And I don't mean Kraft Mac N Cheese in the microwave. If given the chance she will watch Food Network before the Disney Channel. She knows the website addresses for not only FN but also Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, Sandra Lee and Alton Brown. She's even hand written recipes from each of these sites that she wants to try.

I'm amazed.

I admit to a small heart attack when I walked into my mother's kitchen and saw her with a very sharp knife cutting a tomato, whipping the blade around like it was nothing. I ended up with stitches from cutting an apple when I was about 12...I could just see her hand spurting blood. But she doesn't have any fear and she seems very confident in what she's doing (and my mother was right there). She's started cooking dinner for the entire family at my mother's house every Thursday. She picks out the menu, my mom buys the ingredients and they cook together. And she does most of it.

When I was growing up cooking was the chore I took on only if the alternative was starvation. Yes, I know HOW to cook...I just don't. Zilla is fantastic and does all the cooking for our family. But even he isn't exactly gourmet. He does a fantastic job but has no desire to aspire to Paula Dean recipes. I just don't know where she gets the excitement. But I'm very glad she's found something she really enjoys. And the fact that her passion could turn into a very nice career later on in life also doesn't hurt. And then there's the fact that in five or ten years she'll be able to make us gourmet meals for dinner. I have no problem what-so-ever being her guinea pig. Even at seven she's darn good.

Do you like cooking? Or is it more of a chore?


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Playground Monitor said...

Sometimes I like it and other times it's such a chore. How's that for a non-committal answer? ::grin::

I think it's awesome that Sweet Pea is cooking. It's never too soon to develop a hobby and this is one that is so useful in life. She (or he) who can cook will never starve. And you're right about the career. Paula Deen was a broke single mother and look at her now!

PM's Mother said...

I don't know where my daughters learned to cook -- certainly not from me. Their first recipe at home was French Toast for their Dad every Saturday morning and their Aunt Hattie taught them how to fry chicken. Now they are darned good cooks.

I can cook; I have cooked; I eat out a lot now!

Problem Child said...

I can cook (not anything fancy, but you won't starve), but I don't really enjoy it. Well, I'll qualify that statement. The actual cooking isn't too bad, it's the deciding *what's* for dinner and going grocery shopping that I really hate.

Smarty Pants said...

I like to cook, although I prefer to bake. My mom is the other way around, she hates baking. I'm limited in what I make at home with a picky eater, but I like trying out new things for company.

I'm pretty sure Little Sister is destined for Culinard. Since she's been tall enough to reach the counter with her princess stepstool, she's been helping mom cook. She actually made our pecan pie at Christmas. Once she masters reading and measurements, I think she'll be unstoppable.

housemouse88 said...

Cooking to me depends on my mood. Everything in my life seems to be that way here lately. There are days when I want to try something new and exciting and other times when it is what ever is thawed and easiest. LOL Thankfully my hubby doesn't complain. He just loves to eat. Have a great day. I wish I had a Sweet Pea to cook for me.

Liza said...

I enjoy cooking, it's just not fun to cook for one. My brother has been staying with me for about a month and we have traded off cooking dinner. I really like baking too, just don't get the chance except around the holidays.

My dad had us all cooking when we were Sweet Pea's age, and I only think it helped us out later. Hope she continues to enjoy this new hobby. Who knows, maybe one day she will own her own restaurant.

Christine said...

I think it's great that your Sweet Pea is learning to cook. And that she's loving it. It is a creative outlet for many.

I prefer my own cooking to most restaurant food. I am glad I like to cook and try new things because with a shellfish allergy, the restaurant base is very limited. Most often I enjoy cooking as I love the process and the outcome, but there are days I want a break and then there's no place to go that really floats my boat--well at least not here.

DC, that was another eating playground altogether--sigh--I don't miss the traffic but I do miss the Lebanese Taverna. When I am on vacation, or up in Nashville/down in Birmingham, I try to go to new places that might excite my tastebuds.

Rhonda Nelson said...

I like to cook when I *want* to, but being responsible for everyone's meals day in and day out gets old.

Funny about your baby, though, Instigator. Mine is *exactly* the same. She was Emeril Lagasse for Halloween when she was in first grade. :-) She loves to cook. Adores the food network.

Angel said...

I used to enjoy cooking. Now I have a husband and two kids who are extremely picky eaters, so I don't get to make much that they'll eat. Anytime I make something other than chicken nuggets and frozen pizza, they turn up their noses. Sometimes I do it anyway, but the dinner battles aren't worth doing it often. :(


Sherry Werth said...

I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. One of my favorite websites is Recipezaar. I love to cook casseroles although my family will pick it to death trying to figure out what's in it. :grin:
I'm not that keen on baking so I'll have to leave that to SP and Jean. :)

catslady said...

When my mom was young her sister did the cooking and my mom did the cleaning. It never changed - they're still like that. Wish my mom had been the cook lol. My sister prefers cleaning and I love to cook. And guess what, my one daughter would starve before cooking (she married a guy that likes to cook thank heavens) and my other daughter likes to cook. Three generations lol.

oh my word verification is ham oil roflmao.

Jane said...

I can't cook, so I'm not usually allowed in the kitchen. My dad is a great cook and the only thing I've managed to learn is to fry eggs.

PM's Mother said...

My advice to my daughters when they went away to college: "I know you will meet someone, fall in love and marry. Just don't marry a picky eater." Thank goodness they took my advice.

Their father was a picky eater--and when I say "picky", I mean "PICKY". No wonder I did not like to cook!

Word verification -- "dinier" -- sounds like dinner and it's about that time. It's not what will I ear, it's where will I go to eat!

Sally said...

I love to cook, but I hate the clean-up. So therefore I do as little as possible and the meals are usually simple. I also don't have a lot of kitchen space, so that gets on my nerves too. Oh, and I also have a big family and we all like different things. Seems I have the odds stacked against me. LOL

My 9 y.o. son just started to show an interest in cooking and I don't want to discourage that, but again...not a lot of space, so it's hard to let him help without him getting in my way. Sigh.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I like to cook, but when I don't have time (like being on deadline) it's stressful for me. I make a couple of signature dishes that are fabulous (if I can brag on myself) and I love trying recipes. But these days I never have time. Never.

If Sweet Pea is a budding chef, I think that's awesome! It's a creative endeavor, so she hasn't fallen that far from the tree, Author Mom. :)

(WHERE has this day gone?! Can't believe I'm just now getting here!)

Virginia said...

WooHoo! Thank you so much! I just sent in my info!

I have to cook about everyday and sometimes it gets pretty old! I don't think I mind the cooking as much as cleaning up the mess afterwards. Or coming up with something different to cook. My family is a little on the picky side. I am to the point now if they don't like what I cook then they can find them something else to eat.

M.V.Freeman said...

I love cooking. I like good food, and really, I can't afford to eat cooking it is. Granted, most of it is on the weekend, when I may have a smidge of time. During the week, its basic stuff.

And way to go!, your daughter loves Paula Deen! :) Woohoo