Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pray For Me

Today me, the girls, my mom, my sister and her 2 boys are heading to Florida for a whirlwind trip. Please pray for us. :-) While I'm not truly worried about it, I've never driven the 12 hour stretch of road. We will be trading off driving (3 adults and 2 cars) so I will have some down time in the car which I will be using to work on some chapters for my fantastic editor! But for stretches of the trip I'll be in my car alone with my 2 girls.

And while both of my angels are very competent and self sufficient, my brain has begun to conjure up the possible disasters that could strike while I'm driving 80 down the interstate and can't pull over. Spilled juice boxes in my new (and newly clean) car. Skipping DVD players (a traveling must!). She's looking at me temper tantrums.

In reality, my girls are wonderful travelers and we probably won't have any problems. We're actually breaking the drive down into 2's the drive home - 12 hours straight - that I'm dreading. Although, my plan is to exhaust them this weekend so that they sleep for hours in the car on the way home. Considering the size and excitement of my family that should not be an issue.

So, I'll be leaving about mid day today and I'm not sure when I'll be checking back in. I'm taking my laptop - because I can't be disconnected from my people! - but I have no idea when I'll be able to hook up again.

Instigator - off to finish the packing list.


Kathy said...

Have a fantastic trip, Instigator!!

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That's all you can do. ;)

Your girls will be so excited that they will behave. Try doing this with 4 kids. LOL!! Everything is going to be wonderful. And, if you happen to have to make a trip to the emergency room, or have to pull over, that's okay. Frequent stops are a must with little ones for one reason or another.

Enjoy Mickey Mouse!!!

Christine said...

We took the southern route back from Orlando and it was far less stressful than going through Atlanta. Perhaps that might be an option for you for the trip back?

Have fun on your trip!! Say hi to Mickey for me!!

Sherry Werth said...

Traveling is always an issue with this family so we don't do it very much. I realized when my daughter was about 4 that she suffered from car sickness. I thought all that screaming and crying was because she didn't want to sit in her car seat. (I still feel bad about that!) We thought as she got older she would grow out of it...uh, no. God bless Dramamine. Family trips were made without the poor child realizing how she got from point A to point B!
Have a safe and wonderful trip!!

Angel said...

Be safe, y'all! I'm sure you'll do fine. Yours are much better travellers than mine. I'm so glad the hubby will be with me on the Disney trip this fall!


Instigator said...

We're not actually going to Disney this time - I will wave as we drive past though :-) That 12 hour trip is later this year. Yes, I get to make it twice. (at least next time Zilla will be driving :-)).

Christine, we avoid Atlanta at all costs! We actually don't go through Georgia at all but straight down Alabama and cut over. After years of making the trip we finally decided it was like minutes :-) But hey, faster is faster so we'll take it. Thanks for the advice though!

Car is packed, I'm at work to put in a few hours and then we'll be in the road. Whose bright idea was it to work today?


Playground Monitor said...

Be safe and have fun! Think positive thoughts.

Liza said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful trip!

Smarty Pants said...

Thank the heavens for portable DVD players. Have a good trip!

M.V.Freeman said...

Good Luck!
I feel your pain on many levels.
Be safe! :)