Monday, April 27, 2009

Road Trip! Wet Jeans! Cold boobs!


Smarty Pants and I played hookie last week for a road trip to Atlanta, GA, where we saw the group Nickelback in concert at Lakewood Amphitheatre. This is an outdoor arena where we’d purchased lawn tickets at a fraction of the price for the covered seats. Of course, what should have been a fun and relaxing time with Soapbox Queen Jennifer LaBrecque turned into a regular Playground Adventure (those of you who are regulars here know what I mean… need I say Meth Lab?).

Well, this sheltered Angel learned a lot along the way:

1. The odds aren’t ever in our favor. There was a 30% chance of rain during the concert time, so as soon as we arrived, the bottom dropped out – complete with booming thunder and scary lightening. We stood outside the amphitheatre for 45 minutes during this downpour that stopped once they let us inside. Then started again on Nickelback's second song. Hmmm… maybe we should play the lottery?


How is it that SP's hair looks the same and mine is just grossly flat? :(

2. Some people don’t care anything about remembering a concert they paid good money to see. Imagine that.

3. I’m too old to play in the rain. I haven’t been that soaked while still wearing clothes, well, ever. My coat was still dripping the next morning. And in case you didn't know, padded bras don't dry out any quicker than jeans. Did I mention that the temperature also dropped into the 50s? On second thought, those padded bras were probably a good idea.

4. Chad Kroeger, lead singer for Nickelback, is quite fond of the F-bomb. I heard it more in 3 hours than my entire lifetime. :)

5. Even soaked, I love dancing to music so loud it makes your heart pound in your chest. Of course, it is a lot easier to dance when you are dry and not worried about slipping on a wet grass hill.

6. Drunk guys don’t care who their arms hit when they are “getting down.”

7. Pot smells much different than cigarettes. (I did mention I was sheltered, right? I missed getting a drug education in college.)

8. SP and I agree that there were 2 things that made this concert worthwhile:


This was my favorite part! Ryan Peake is one of the guitarists and singers. Yum!

Daniel Adair, drummer. Let’s just say this guy can make you think really naughty thoughts during his drum solo. Wow.

What has been your favorite concert experience? Ever have any trips that just don’t go exactly as you planned?
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M.V.Freeman said...

Angel, you may have been wet, cold, and somewhat miserable..but it sounded like it was a lot of fun, and I love those pictures :)

I have to admit, I do have a smidge of jealousy... I love Nickelback..*sigh*

The last concert experience I had, was going to see The Rolling Stones, on their final tour (again) in the 1990's. I decided that was the last time I'd go watch a group of guys who looked like they were about to stroke out on stage. Plus,I never was really a fan of them, I went for the novelty of it..which of course leads into the whole, "invade my space" issue, that you touched on at your concert.

Still, It really did sound like fun! Thanks for the posting the pictures.

Playground Monitor said...

Favorite concert experience. Gee... it's been so long since I've been to a concert. I remember back in the nineties when the Beach Boys had a resurgence of popularity and came to town. I'd liked them when I was in high school and my boys were getting into beach music too. So we got tickets to see them at the VBC. So happens that John Stamos was drumming that night. It was neat to enjoy the music with my boys. Some music is able to span generations.

Glad you had a good time despite the rain.

Problem Child said...

Since you brought it up... on behalf of the less-endowed everywhere, why the heck are *you* wearing a padded bra in the first place?

I saw Sting in the pouring rain. I saw Jimmy Buffett in the mud after the pouring rain. Outdoor concerts can be a lot of fun -- and I even like lawn seats (or I did when I was younger. That may have changed now)-- provided the weather cooperates.

Smarty Pants said...

I guess my envisionment of lawn seats was off. I pictured people in lawn chairs and blankets sitting on a grassy knoll watching the concert. What we got was a huddling, wet mosh pit of people standing for 3 hours. They took all the umbrellas and blankets at the door (weapons, apparently) despite the downpour.

And yes, wet padded bras in 50-something degree weather is like strapping ice packs to your boobs. Bad.

That drum solo made it all worth the pain, however. He enjoys his work. Y-U-M.

Playground Monitor said...

...why the heck are *you* wearing a padded bra in the first place?*raises hand to ask the same question*

Jean said...

I have been to a several Jimmy Buffett concerts but there is one that I do not remember as well as I should. I went with a male friend who was married. His wife and my boyfriend didn't want go but they didn't care if we did. My friend was fresh from the altar and extremely cute. Two rows in front of us sat a young lady whom he had disappointed by his recent nuptials. Much drama ensued and there was nothing to do but drink the Wild Turkey 101 he'd smuggled in. I do remember saying to him, "Why anybody would want you is beyond me. You are way too much trouble."

M.V.Freeman said...

That is hilarious! I'd have gone just for the fun of it...*EG*

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh lord, no way. I am too old for concerts held anywhere besides a nice comfy concert hall where everyone has a seat, no one smokes pot, and booze is not on the menu (unless it's a glass of wine at intermission, enjoyed in the designated area). I realized this at my last arena concert. No freaking way. (Which reminds me I LOL-ed at #4.)

Some things are best left to the teens and twenties, IMO. *g*

My last lawn concert, however, was in Hawaii at the Waikiki Shell -- even if it rains, it won't last, so it was quite pleasant. We had a picnic blanket, some food, good friends, and settled in for a wonderful evening of Hawaiian music.

My next outdoor concert was also at the Shell, but we paid for seats that time. It was K.D. Lang. She was awesome.

My last arena concert was here, and it was Willie Nelson. Not that I'm a country music fan typically, but I thought hey, Willie's a legend and it might be cool. Except the arena is too big, the music too loud, and I realized that while Willie may be 70 something and willing to play an arena, I was no longer willing to pay for a concert in one.

And though I can't answer why Angel is wearing a padded bra, mine has padding in the lower half, if you know what I mean. Push. Up. ;-)

Sherry Werth said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous! I love Nickelback...even in the pouring rain.
Well now. I'm sitting back waiting to hear how Angel explains the padded bra issue. I know why I wear one but I can't wait to hear her explaination. ;D

Jean, you are too funny!

Angel said...

Okaayyyyy... since my choice of underwear has become the topic of the day... not that it is anyone's business, but--

My bras happen to have those new moulded cups that hold their shape. So it's not thick padding, just extra layers. Those types of cups help hold us generously endowed girls up, instead of sagging to our knees. See?!? And while the pound of water coating my breasts wasn't pleasant, at least I wasn't bird-dogging in the Marietta Diner at 2a.m. Quite chilly.

Yes, SP, that drum solo was quite the thing. I had to stop in the middle of telling my husband about it, because I got all flushed and flustered, which totally astounded him. Embarrassing, to say the least. :)


Problem Child said...

But foundation garments are always a topic of conversation on the Playground...

(And you're the one who brought it up...)

Sherry Werth said...

ROFL! 'Bird-dogging'! I haven't heard that one before. I'll have to remember that one.
You did good, Angel. : )

LeaannS said...

I want more details on the drum solo! Maybe we all would like to get flushed and flustered! :)