Monday, April 13, 2009

Shopping Surprise

The Playfriends know first-hand that I’ve been obsessing over RWA National conference because of my Golden Heart® final. First, it was the pictures that would be flashed up on the big screen during the ceremony. Then editor/agent appointments, which I still haven’t decided upon yet. Then there was the ever-looming issue: what will I wear?!?!

Now, one of our wonderful Mavens gave me a dress to wear to the RITA ceremony. Its beautiful peach color and flowing skirt make me feel like a true princess. But I’ve also been invited by a fellow Playfriend to be her date for her publisher’s party and I was just going to pull one of my formals out of the closet to wear. Until Smarty Pants showed up at my door the other day…

It all started with a phone call. “What size do you wear?” she asked. If it had been anyone else, I might would have been offended, but we’re too close for there to be many boundaries left. So I told her. “Hmmm… that might work. I’ll come by later.” Now I was hopelessly curious. What was going on?

Imagine my surprise when she unveiled a sassy black and purple party dress that she deemed perfect for me. Hope was instantly squashed when I eyed the bodice. There was no way my abundant girls would fit in those cups. “Trust me,” she said. So I tried the dress on. The fit was perfect. I almost cried in happiness.

“I have even better news,” she said. I gasped as she turned over the price tag. $16!!! That’s right. ONLY SIXTEEN DOLLARS! OMG! I never get deals like that, because I’m hard to fit and am one of the only Playfriends who usually ends up paying full price. SP is now my shopping hero!

And since both dresses are sleeveless, I have even more motivation to stick to my weight training between now and July. :)

What great bargains have you picked up lately? Do you obsess over what you are going to wear to big events?



Playground Monitor said...

You HAD to mention conference wear! I always obsess over clothes and since my fashion sense is a little lacking it makes me worry even more.

Having seen both dresses, I agree they're perfect. And SP rocks for finding the black/purple one for you.

Great bargains lately? I got a cute black party dress for about $12.99 but I paid $45 for shoes to wear with it. The shoes, though, will go with lots of other things and won't go out of style any time soon so I count them as a good investment. I keep telling myself that anyway. LOL!

Smarty Pants said...

I just love a bargain. :) I very often end up wearing dresses that are a fraction of the cost of the shoes and accessories.

We're going to look supercute. :)

housemouse88 said...

Thankfully I don't have to worry about dressing up where I live. Living on a small farm, I don't even wear make-up any more. I don't even look for bargains unless it is a t-shirt or sweats. LOL Have a great time at the awards.

Problem Child said...

The dresses do look fab.

I'll start my obsessive nationals shopping in June -- post-book, post-trip to the in-laws, and (hopefully), post-ten pounds!

Instigator said...

Both of the dresses looked amazing on you!

I haven't started obsessing...yet. I will, eventually, and when I do I know the Playfriends will be there to help me :-)


PM's Mother said...

Your PM has worn bargain clothes even from early childhood.

Once when she was a toddler I purchased 2 yards of fabric on sale at Belk's Department store for one cent a yard. I sewed an adorable dress for her -- then paid fifty cents for decorative buttons. A spool of thread cost ten cents.

So I sewed -- the total cost for her dress -- sixty four cents (including 3% sales tax.)

How's that for a bargain.

Angel said...

Housemouse--I got sweat pants for this winter in December for $3 a pair!! :) Not all our bargains are dressy.

Wow, PM's mother. Even counting for inflation, that is a seriously good deal.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

I haven't started obsessing yet, but I will! Too much going on at the moment. BUT, I do have a snazzy little black dress in my closet that fits me again -- and it will probably be my HQN party dress. I wore it once, in Hawaii, to a Christmas party. That's my good deal -- a free dress in my closet (I know it's not free, but allow me my delusion).

PM, the first key to not worrying about your fashion sense -- stop obsessing over price when you pay $45 for shoes. That, my dear, is nothing. *gg* And I have always thought you look lovely at conference!!

Yay on those dresses, Angel!! It's seriously awesome to have your dresses picked out already -- one less thing to obsess over!

Sherry Werth said...

Angel, the dress sounds lovely! I love bargain shopping. It's pretty much the only way I shop. Well, for myself anyway. But I can say my darling daugher is learning. Now she heads for the sale racks first.
Right now I trying to decide what to wear to the luncheon. ; )

Avi J said...

Great going on the dress. I love bargain shopping, at my university graduation we all had to wear white, so in my count any thing $100 & below is considered a great deal. every dress and suit was over 250 for pure white. I came across this store on a renovating sale, I ended up getting my dress for $25. the tag had the original price at $400 dated 2 years ago. I guess the dress was just waiting for me. (LOL)

Avi J said...

woops that was country not count.

Kathy said...

Aw, I wish I could have seen you in your dresses. I bet you're going to be the bell of the ball. ;)

I picked up some really cute dresses the other day on my lunch break. Today, I bought some shoes on sale to go with one of them. I think I'll look uber cute.

Now to lose some weight and some arm flab too. LOL!

Kathy said...

Belle of the ball... (snicker)

Angel said...

Wow, Avi J. I'd say that was quite a bargain! Sometimes it pays to keep looking.

Kathy, you always look cute. And I hear you on the arm flab, girl! I worked out on my Total Gym today, especially those tricep extensions... ouch!